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10 enjoyable bridal bathe video games & bachelorette social gathering prints

Some time ago we shared a post with creative bachelorette and bridal shower games that was a great success with all brides and maids. There were many DIY ideas, but we know that not every bridal shower thrower has time to create a storm before the bride is finally done. We therefore thought it would be helpful to share a few free prints and affordable bachelorette party games.

All you need is a printer and some paper. Simply peasy no?

Bridal Shower Games & Bachelorette Party Printables on Etsy

Oh how much we love Etsy for wedding items, accessories and even wedding dresses! But it is also home to a talented group of designers and wedding citizens who offer a variety of templates for stag and hen parties at the push of a button. There are tons of affordable wedding print templates and digital files that you can download and print at home.

Here are some of our favorites.

Who knows the bride best?

This is a popular bridal shower game for a reason. It's so damn easy to do. And with these pretty prints from Creative Union Design, it can look pretty chic too.

How well do you know the bride Printable bridal shower games?

How well do you know the bride that Creative Union Design can print on Etsy?

Guess the clothing game

Instead of the classic toilet paper wedding dress game, you can always get guests to improve their fashion illustrator skills by drawing what they think the wedding dress will look like.

We love this print by Dainty Darling.

Bridal showers-play-rate-the-dress

Guess the dress that can be printed by Dainty Darling on Etsy

What's in your handbag

Guests get points for the items they have in their wallets, and the person with the most points is the winner. All unexpected items that are not on the list can be given special points by the bride.

What-in-your-purse-bridal shower-printable-glory

What's in your handbag that Blue Pond Printables can print on Etsy?

He said she said

Can your guests find out who said what?


He said she said printable from Fine and Dandy Paperie on Etsy

What's on your phone

And for technically savvy there is even a what's on your phone? Game – with different points for battery life, photos and whether you follow the bride on Instagram. (Which is a must if you ask us!)

What-on-your-phone-game-bridal shower-printable

Petite darling on Etsy

We are particularly excited about the printable designs by Dainty Darling – check out the entire suite with wedding signs and details from designer Michelle. There are some really nice things!

Bridal shower price is right

Do you know how much a box of matches costs? How about a tea towel? To be honest, I would fail miserably with this game! But that's all part of the fun – whoever gets the closest price gets a point.

We love this simple, silver Price is Right that can be printed by Shower That Bride Shop.

Price-is-right-game-printable-for-bridal shower

Shower, the bride shop on Etsy

Don't say "bride" game

This printable game by Pineapple Design Co. on Etsy does what it says on the tin. Just like. Aside from paper and a printer, all you need is some cheap plastic rings from a dollar or pound store, or even ring pops (remember?).

Bride Shower Activity Don't Say Bride Game

Don't say the bride can be printed by Pineapple Design Co. on Etsy

Free printouts for your bridal shower / bachelorette party

What is better than an expression? Free prints, that's what! (You know, we love a good free wedding that can be printed here.)

Here's a selection of five awesome (and totally free) bachelorette party prints so you can save your money on other important items on the agenda, whether it's recordings, spa treatments, or strippers!

3 in 1 bachelorette games

A trio of colorful and creative free prints for an entertaining bridal shower. We are especially excited about the game Famous Movie Love Quotes.

I mean, is there a better line than:

You should be kissed often and by someone who knows how? – Rhett Butler (fainting)

Ok, maybe this one:

Some people are melting away. – Olaf (my heart melted at this one!)

Go to Mockeri to download all three games.

Free Printable Bachelorette Games

Free Mockeri prints

Free bridal shower guest book idea – kisses for the future woman

Ok, that's not a game in itself, it's more of a sweet keepsake. Just ask the chickens to load up on Lippie, get out of hand, and sign. Job done.

Go to Bespoke Bride to download this fun giveaway!


Free to print out Bespoke Bride

How well do you know the bride Free printable

Another fun and colorful expression from the girls of the bespoke bride! You can't go wrong with this classic bridal shower game.

Free printable-how-well-you-know-the-bride-bachelorette party game

Free to print out Bespoke Bride

Test your knowledge of the bride with a fun quiz!

Side note: If there is a fairly large group of girls, you may want to play the game Tiaras and Mustaches from this post, where the chickens guess together whether the bride or groom made a particular statement (and hold up a mustache or tiara accordingly) . . This way, people who may not be so close to the bride can still get involved and don't feel pressured to get the right answer.

Bachelorette Party mug shots

These printable, customizable mug shots would be fun photo props for the evening, right?

Download them for free from Evermine

Free-Printable-Bachelorette-Party mug shot

Free to print out Evermine

Bachelorette Balderdash

This is similar to how well you know the bridal game with the added twist to reward the craziest and funniest answers.

The maid of honor or responsible bridesmaid reads the first statement and each bridesmaid writes their answer on a piece of paper and puts it in a bowl. The bride reveals her answer and then the bridesmaid's answers are picked randomly from the bowl and read out one by one. The bride awards a point to the bridesmaid who guessed her correct answer and a bonus point for the funniest alternative answer!

For people who are not the bride's best friends from school and know everything about them, there is an opportunity to earn points by being creative, fun and silly. We predict a lot of giggles when we play this game!

For complete instructions, see Designs By Mandee.


Free printable from Designs By Mandee

Ok, that has turned into more than 10 prints. Much more if you count all 3 of the 3 in 1 downloads from Mockeri. But hopefully you don't mind, all the more to choose from!

You have now sorted the games. How about the tunes of the bachelor party ?!

Check out our FREE playlist of fun "girls just want to have fun" jams to start the party.

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