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12 Lulu’s bridesmaid dresses for every style

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Modern MOH + Lulus bridesmaid dresses = a match made in heaven (shades).

And because we see Lulus as the future of budget-friendly bridesmaid dresses, we decided to break her bridal collection down into our favorite finds for every style and budget.

Aside from the crazy cheap prices, we love that Lulu’s bridesmaid dresses are stylish enough to wear over and over again (because let’s face it – nobody wants to drop hundreds of dollars on clothes that can only be worn once).

We also love their gorgeous color choices (Insert heart eyes emoji) So much so that we found it difficult to choose favorite colors for each style …

So, if you see a style that you love but aren’t a fan of the color we picked, click through to see what other options are available!

Best Lulus Bridesmaid Dresses by Neckline

Often times, the neckline makes all the difference in choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses for a particular size and shape. Thankfully, Lulus has tons of flattering styles to choose from!

Off the shoulder

When it comes to off shoulder bridesmaid dresses we love a fitted look and Lulus didn’t disappoint! Your Aveline Maxi Dress hugs the right places and even has a sexy side slit for extra flair.

Aveline maxi dress in forest green


* Also available in white, burgundy, mauve pink, black and navy

One shoulder

Of all the styles in the Lulus bridesmaid dress collection, the one-shoulder neckline had the fewest choice of options. That being said, they made the look perfect with their Lovely Endings maxi dress made of beautifully woven chiffon with a high, fitted waist and a pleated top.

Beautiful ends pleated maxi dress in rose


* Also available in Dusty Blue

Bikini Top

While it may not be the traditional halter top style you’re used to, we love the modified halter neck on the Lulus Air of Romance maxi dress. From the banded waist to the wide skirt, we can’t get enough of this sleek look.

Air of Romance maxi dress in taupe


* Also available in burgundy, navy blue, dusty purple and black


If you can’t tell from the intro of this post, Lulus Heavenly Hues Maxi Dress is a personal favorite of ours. We could go on with awards for this style, but we’ll just let their description do the talking. “You will be like a goddess all evening”

Heavenly colors maxi dress in light gray


* Also available in the colors blush, royal blue, navy blue, black, light blue, magenta, denim blue, dusty violet, white, forest green, burgundy, red, taupe and cream

High neck

The combination of high neck and apron neckline on the maxi dress by Lulus Mythical Kind of Love makes for an irresistible choice. Add to this the criss-cross spaghetti straps on an open back and you have the perfect bridesmaid dress!

Mythical kind of love maxi dress in wine red


* Also available in black, light blue, dark green and rusty rose

Best Lulus Bridesmaid Dresses by Sleeve Length

Deciding which sleeve length is best for your desired look depends on a few factors: time of year, casual or formal, and general comfort for your bridal shower. From strapless to long-sleeved bridesmaid dresses from Lulus, they come in all sleeve lengths!


When it comes to strapless bridesmaid dresses, we always love a classic sweetheart neckline. We love it even more when it features a pleated, overlapping top like Lulus With All My Heart maxi dress.

Wholeheartedly pleated maxi dress in blush


* Also available in Gardenia and Slate Blue

Spaghetti straps

Nothing beats a classic top with spaghetti straps, especially when these straps are adjustable for all chest sizes. The All About Love Maxi Dress is one of our favorite bridesmaid dresses from Lulus!

All about love maxi dress in lavender


* Also available in the colors blush pink, dusty purple, light gray, rusty rose, slate blue, coral red, royal blue, black and taupe

Short sleeve

When done right, short-sleeved bridesmaid dresses make for an absolutely elegant wedding reception look. Lulus Lost in the Moment The maxi dress hits the nail on the head with its light, transparent fabric and flowing skirt with a slit at the front.

At the moment lost maxi dress in slate blue


* Also available in Blush, Sage and Burgundy

Long sleeve

Long sleeve + tip = yas yas yassss !! We love everything about Lulus Awaken My Love maxi dress, from the gorgeous lace top and sheer sleeves to the fitted waist and surprising open back.

Awaken My Love Lace maxi dress in navy blue


* Also available in burgundy, white and black

Best Lulus Bridesmaid Dresses by Feature

If you are looking for a specific feature to complete your bridal shower look, look no further! Lulus has a variety of styles including wrap, convertible, and backless bridesmaid dresses.

Wrap dress

Wrap dresses are all the rage these days and for good reason! Not only do they look good in all shapes and sizes, but they can also be worn over and over again. The Lulus Easy Listening Maxi Dress takes wrap straps, cold shoulder necklines, and ruffled strapless sleeves to the next level.

Easy listening maxi dress with cold shoulder in sage green


* Also available in blush and slate blue


What Can’t You Love About Lulus Dance the Night Away Maxi Dress? From the wide straps with charming tie details to the backless silhouette, it is an absolute show stopper!

Dance the Night Away Maxi Dress in Dusty Purple


* Also available in Blush Pink, Rusty Rose and Slate Blue


Convertible dresses are key to making sure all bridesmaids are comfortable and looking their best on the big day! The Lulus Tricks of the Trade maxi dress can be packed in over 12 different models, including one-shoulder, strapless and halter.

Tricks of the Trade Maxi Dress in Rusty Rose


* Also available in black, taupe, navy blue, burgundy, forest green and blush pink

Would you like to see more styles and colors? Check out the full Lulus bridesmaid dress collection

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