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Warning: You are about to enter the kids zone! Granted, it’s one of our favorites among Christmas gift guides. Jen is a (boss) mother; as well as two other women in our editorial office. So you can imagine that we moms take this research very seriously!

Regardless of whether you are giving away for your own little ones – nieces, nephews or the baby of your besties – we have you covered today! Here’s a sneak peek at our toy buying criteria: 1) something they actually play with, 2) something they like to open up, and 3) something that doesn’t add to a home full of “stuff”. While not every product we love for kids is based on the STEM concept, it is defiantly an asset! STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčteaching in four specific areas – science, technology, engineering + math.

Let the delightful giving begin:

She is wild! Piccolina has a huge collection of inspiring t-shirts featuring female leaders throughout history. We love this cute one with RBG!

BUY IT @ Piccolina: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Trailblazer Tea

Wooden kitchen set

From Jen: “My two girls loved and loved their play kitchen”. Perfect for children aged 2-7. Also comes in a couple of different colors. This is a gift that they will be so excited to open on Christmas morning!

BUY IT @ Wayfair: Wooden Play Kitchen Set

Solar system sidewalk chalk

Kids LOVE chalk on the sidewalk and these are some of the most radical we’ve seen! The set contains 9 round pieces of chalk inspired by the planets of our solar system (plus an extra for our old buddy Pluto). In each piece you will find several colors that are supposed to represent the cores, layers and crusts of the planets. And the whole set is biodegradable, including the recyclable packaging, so it’s good for our home planet too.

BUY IT @ Crate & Kids: Solar System Sidewalk Chalk Set

crazy forts

Do you remember building forts as a kid ?! The excitement behind this activity hasn’t let up over time. Our children love to build fortresses. and instead of using hair ties + elastic bands (like we did back then) you can get kids this fort-making kit! All they need is a bed sheet to create the clubhouse of their dreams.

BUY IT @ Amazon: Crazy Forts

3D Spin Art Kit

Create beautiful works of art that anyone can do! Captivate their imaginations with this one-of-a-kind swirl art machine that features fun 3D glasses that bring your image to life with bright neon paint. Perfect for creators ages 6 and up!

BUY IT @ Aim: FAO Black 3D Spin Art

Jen got these magnetic tiles for her girls two years ago and they are still a huge hit! Building blocks meet magnets meet Legos. Great STEM activity that adults enjoy working with too.

BUY IT @ Amazon: Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set

Because the kids can’t enjoy cool excursions right now – bring the planetarium to them! Stargaze with this Augmented Reality Galaxy Viewer and study planets, stars and constellations with guided audio.

BUY IT @ Occasional Goods: Personal Planetarium

Shaggy Head puppy sleeping bag

Our Shaggy Head Sleeping Bags have satin seams and playful animal details and are perfect for any type of overnight adventure. With a whimsical puppy design you can make friends with your favorite animal. Our bags are secured with straps for easy storage and are lined with polyester for extra warmth.

BUY IT @ Pottery Barn Kids: Shaggy Head Puppy Sleeping Bag

eighth game

This is a great kit for kids who love their screen time. Osmo is full of educational games + puzzles that promote education, problem solving, creativity and real life skills. Both Jens girls love Osmo! Dakota (4 years old) loves this Osmo princess and this costume too. A gift that all WFH parents will thank you for!

BUY IT @ Amazon: Osmo Creative Starter Kit for iPad

Lovevery’s stage-based playset is ALL A CHILD NEEDS for Play! Our editor Britt has subscribed to her 2 year old daughter and has not bought any toys for her since then. You can give a gift card or choose a single item depending on the age of the child.

BUY IT @ Lovevery: The Plat Kits

Our editor Danielle says her 4 and 3 year olds are crazy about these big, cute squishies! Although they come in a variety of themes, this three dessert kit is hard to beat. Kiddos enjoy every aspect of this gift, from the smart meals to the mega squish sessions.

BUY IT @ Amazon: Paint Your Own Squishies

Superhero doll

Kamala Harris last taught us that girls can be superheroes! Celebrate the magical child in your life with this powerful designer doll. It’s the perfect new BFF to take with you anywhere – from sweet sleep to daydreaming.

BUY IT @ Pottery Barn Kids: superhero designer doll

Here’s a brick-built version of the famous Central Perk cafe with authentic details that bring back fun memories of the classic Friends TV show. Perfect gift for a young girl!

BUY IT @ Amazon: Lego Central Perk Building Kit

Celebrating the one year anniversary of the Women’s March in Washington, this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle makes a wonderful gift for feminists of all ages (mainly 12+)!

BUY IT @ Anthropologie: Women’s March Puzzle

Victorian dollhouse

If you are looking for the dollhouse of your (and your!) Dreams, look no further. This Victorian dollhouse has three stories (including the attic), front doors and even windows that open and close. When can we start playing?

BUY IT @ Crate & Kids: Victorian Dollhouse

STEM / Science Kits from Kiwi Co really are the best! They choose their age, how long the subscription should last, and they get a monthly project right on their doorstep. Age-appropriate selection from 14 years!

BUY IT @ Kiwi Co.

Goodness Makes Us Strong Book

This book celebrates kind acts great and small.

BUY IT @ Amazon: Kindness makes us strong

Alleluia! A three-wheel scooter means more stability and less stress for parents. With a slim steering frame and an extremely wide tricycle design, Birdie is easy to steer. Moving left or right is as easy as shifting body weight – for more stability, more balance and better coordination. It comes in some cute colors too!

BUY IT @ GOAL: Bird Birdie 3 Wheel Kick Scooter

Love this lovely set of colored pencils tailored to the child’s name! Even with the smallest of fingers, these crayons will stimulate a lot of creativity at home.

BUY IT @ Etsy: Alphabet Name Crayons

These dolls are too cute for the little dancer.

BUY IT @ Anthropologie: Starry Ballerina Doll

Sloth puzzle

These dolls are too cute for the little dancer.

BUY IT @ World Market: Tree House Slowpoke 500-piece puzzle

Finally a Trifecta gift that is suitable for all ages: art supplies, a book and a puzzle!

  1. Baby: Crayola Washable Palm Grasp Crayons $ 5.99, First 100 Words $ 4.99, Hape Creative Peg Puzzle $ 21.95
  2. Toddler: Ooly Chunkies Paint Sticks $ 12.99, Kindness Makes Us Strong $ 10.79, Safari Social Jumbo Floor Puzzle $ 24.99
  3. Big Kid: Twistable Colored Pencils $ 6.99, Milk Bar: Cookbook For Kids Only $ 16.45, This Country Is Your Country USA Puzzle $ 15.75

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