2020 wedding ceremony development overview

In 2020, weddings were nowhere near the norm – from DIY flower arrangements for the home to custom photo suits. What we’re going to look back on today are some of the most famous trends we’ve seen.

Start with all of the floral things.


With so many people out of work and always looking for ways to save, wedding expenses is the last thing any bride wants to worry about javascript for mac free. Fortunately, there was a riot of shrewd brides who found cheaper alternatives to the usual florist attitude and had them taken care of. We’ve seen brides pull together their own flower arrangements and order flowers direct from florists, farms (and in some cases, pick them themselves). Your traditional roses and your baby’s breath won’t play a huge role in this year’s weddings. Instead, pampas grass, eucalyptus, and dried silver dollars are everywhere.

Beautiful hill

Color palettes

BOLD Techno bets for free. COLOURS. ALL OVER. This year we’ve seen vibrant tones of yellow, pink, oranges and green. We saw color-blocking, flashy walls, colorful pampas grass, fun desserts, and bridesmaids next to groomsmen in brightly colored clothes. Maybe it’s just a way to bring life and fun back to this world in the midst of the pandemic, or it may not, but either way, that’s what we’re here for.

Flowers by Lesley

Central Florida Photography

Dessert trends

With us from the previous paragraph, the fun with desserts download continues! We had a little bit of everything. Donut bars, churro trucks and gelato stands, oh my god! And these are just a few of the many. These unique little additions take any wedding to another level and are memorable for everyone. They’re so cute for photo opportunities too, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

    Wedding donut bar

Wedding desserts

Non-traditional wedding celebrations

Wait, so you’re telling me my maid of honor can be my dog ​​books as PDF for free? Sign me up. In 2020 we’ve seen a tremendous increase in the bride and groom having their fur babies included in the wedding, whether they’re the ring bearer (my heart), the maid of honor, or the best man, I have to say something I like to 110 % support. I will definitely include my fur babies at my wedding. It is a must. Another trend that caught my eye is male bridesmaids (brosmaids, if you will) and female groomsmen (I’m still working on it). I just attended a wedding that did just that and it’s very welcome change download. It’s nice to see something other than the norm.

Honor dog

Small wedding ideas

Ceremonial arches

This next trend is one that I’m absolutely obsessed with; Ceremonial arches. Wooden arches, metal arches, handmade tree arches, all arches. Yes, please. We have seen circular, triangular, geometric and square arcs in all kinds of materials and surfaces. Google Play Movies to PC Download. They are perfect for any outdoor ceremony, they add such simple beauty and connect everything together. It’s like the centerpiece of the ceremony, something that attracts everyone’s attention, and of course it’s such a popular trend now.

Wooden archway

Geometric archway

Flowers archway ideas

Groom clothing trends

This year we finally have some pretty unique trends for the men who download! We saw the couple’s photos as lining for suits, artwork, or anything that resonates with the groom. We just want to know why it took so long to come to light. Usually the groom is overlooked in terms of the aspect of customizing their clothes for the wedding, other than their tie or pocket square. With the custom suit lining, the groom can have a suit that suits them better, if so what cell phones can fortnite. Our sister company Eleanor and Pete snapped Rebecca and Drew’s Howey Mansion’s wedding in October and we loved his bespoke suit. Another trend we’re only just starting to see is floral pocket squares. These are also pretty neat and a bit more elegant than the normal boutonniere. You basically just replace the handkerchief with a mini flower arrangement Minecraft Free Download Version.

Unique groom suit idea

Brides dress trends

Small details are everything. From your classic elegant dresses to the flowing lace dresses. The details can be as simple as a slit in a dress or a little less subtle like a floral embroidered dress. We recently teamed up with Silk & Sabal’s lead event planner, Rae, and shot a classic wedding dress, but with a twist (literally). It looks like the center neckline is twisted together, creating that effortless elegance. The second dress looks completely different, but has a similar effect. It’s a classic flowing wedding dress, but with embroidered lace all over it.

Off the shoulder wedding dress

Berta wedding dress

Wedding party trends

Intimate weddings are seen more than ever for obvious reasons. Most weddings have shrunk to a maximum of 50 people, which means that in most cases the immediate wedding celebration will also have to be smaller. We have seen more wedding parties of 2 or 3 bridesmaids and groomsmen compared to the norm. Another trend we liked this year was the individuality of the wedding reception. Bridesmaids actually get more freedom in choosing their dress as long as it still matches the wedding colors and it’s definitely a welcome change.

Alfond Inn wedding

Unique bridesmaid dresses

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