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Oct 29

Wedding videos are more than just a four-hour day filled with blurry photos, unprofessional music, and blurry photos. Modern videographers are able to capture precious moments and preserve them forever digitally in formats that won't go out of fashion. There are many portfolios available, so it can be hard to find the right person to tell your story of "happy ever after". We Valencio Visuals have selected the most requested styles and techniques for wedding photography in Oahu Hawaii. Enjoy our selection, and let your creativity run through us.

Moments not traditional

This is an occasion for you, your partner, and all those who supported this day. The traditional wedding video focuses on the bride/groom but clips of their families are shown throughout the day. All nieces and nephews present are included. Imagine everyone beaming as they are all shown together just hours before celebrating another happy anniversary with loved ones.

Interview segments Voiceovers

Voiceovers and interviews are also possible to add emotion to your video. This idea is used in Kevin's two-video collection. This collection includes both voiceovers from relatives and recordings of Pei Yein's siblings talking about their childhood memories with their mom. This project is touching and will leave you wet at the end.

Attractive Introductions

You don't have to start your video with your morning routine. Couples can choose the clip they like best. This could be one of their spouses speaking vows, or another person addressing newlyweds. Eric and Shana's prelude is a great idea. This video shows them fighting in the water on camera, just days before their wedding. This may be more entertaining than the typical opening scenes. Sibling rivalry can add spice to the proceedings every once in a while.

Aerial shots

A drone, or flying robot, is used to capture aerial shots of the couple. Oliver and Weiyen wanted an exciting race sequence to film, which is what most couples want. The heart-pumping music stops and the video zooms into their bedroom, with lights flashing. It looks as though you're just waking from a deep sleep. When reality hits, there's breakfast at your side. In this dreamlike scene, we see him opening cupboards. This is part of the "Ollies" wedding videography service.

Stop Motion Savings

The Oahu videographer captured the pre-wedding celebration and it is a joy to watch. Before moving into the action, they begin with captions and photos. To create a fun and entertaining display of their relationship, they combine stop motion animations with clips from moving films. The video was short and sweet. It will contain music, captions, pictures, and sound effects. It was very quiet between the scenes.