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Nov 10

Trends in-ring styles change every year. Jewelry is the fastest way to a girl’s heart. This guide will help you find the best 2022 wholesale jewelers at Diamond Exchange Houston. These are the most popular trends in engagement rings. These rings are beautiful and will melt her heart. Ask her to say yes.

Eternity Band Rings

Multi-banding is very popular in jewelry. Multi-banding is also a popular trend in jewelry.

To add sparkle, match your engagement ring. Match your engagement ring with an eternity ring to add some sparkle.

Trends in Wedding Rings - Pear-shaped Diamond Rings

Ring designs made with pear-shaped gems are elegant, feminine, and sophisticated. Pear-shaped gems will be a highly-popular trend in jewels by 2022. It's no surprise that they'll be a big hit.

These stunning stones speak for themselves. These beautiful stones speak for themselves.

Unique Engagement Rings

You want to feel unique and special. There are many options for modern and fun designs to choose from when designing your wedding ring.

An engagement ring doesn't have to contain a central diamond. There are many fashion trends that can be followed with multiple sparkles. Find the ring that suits your style by browsing our non-traditional designs.

Timeless Simple Rings

A classic solitaire setting is timeless because it is elegant yet simple. No matter what year it is rings with one central diamond are timeless.

The center diamond is surrounded by a plain metal band. It is pure beauty and without distraction. These breathtaking rings are stunning with their center stones. This simple setting allows the incredible beauty of the diamond to shine through. This ring is a symbol of your love and commitment, as the center diamond shines brightly.

Striking Modern Bridal Sets

It will be difficult to find 2022's most sought-after trends in engagement rings with the modern bridal set. You have many choices for shape, gold tones, and unique center stones. This set is great for modern brides.

Double-Banded Engagement Rings

Couples want to look for alternative designs to the traditional solitaire and halo-style engagement rings.

2022 is all about individuality. The double-banded diamond engagement rings will be very popular in 2022. This is a new trend in stacking rings. The double-banded diamond engagement ring allows for more space between the bands. This makes the center stone appear to be floating between them.

Engagement Ring Trends: Romantic Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold is in fashion again. Rose gold is back in fashion.

This delicate rose hue is a mixture of copper and golden, first created by early jewel designers. In 2022, the old trend of rose gold will be back.

Diamond Halo Rings

What could be more extravagant than a dazzling halo of diamonds that accents the central gem? This ring symbolizes glamour and luxury.

These striking rings will be a hot trend in 2022. These striking rings are a top trend for 2022.

Colored diamond engagement rings

Colored diamonds are a classic, but a striking option. These are the newest trends in jewelry fashion.

Non-traditional colors can be a great way to express your creativity. Non-traditional colors are a popular choice for engagement rings.

Rings of Engagement with Gemstones

Gemstone engagement rings will be very popular in 2022. Gemstone engagement rings will be a hot trend in 2022.

Numerous renowned jewelers offer unique sapphire rings featuring colored sapphires. Blue, white, and peach are the most popular colors for bold brides.