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Photographer Honolulu

Nov 12

Oahu can be described as an Instagram account that is always ready to go. We were able to find many photo spots throughout the island, from the laid-back North Shore to the bustling South Shore. It is also home to many local residents, making it very affordable.

Oahu is now more accessible than ever. Not only are the flights cheaper, but having the option to access Oahu by car also makes it so much easier to visit family and friends back home. Photographer honolulu elevates the experience.

Diamond Head

You're in for a tough climb with stunning views. Diamond Head is one of Oahu's most spectacular spots. Aka, don't miss it!

It's not difficult if you wear appropriate footwear. However, you will encounter many windy trails and uneven terrain as you make your way to the extinct Hawaiian volcanic cone from Highway 1 near Waialua Beach Park. You can also descend into an old lava tube, where you will only see darkness.

Lanikai Pillbox Hike

This is one of the most unusual hikes on Oahu. It's notable for its stunning scenery and includes several historic military bunkers. While trekking along your route, you'll come across colorful, graffiti-covered structures - some even have guns! If you are lucky enough to have stunning views such as those at Lanikai Beach and Honokeana Bay Park, both pictured below, expect lots of swaying palms along with crystal clear turquoise waters with two mokes protruding from them.

Staircase to Heaven Haiku Stairs

You've probably seen these photos of the narrow, rustic staircase that runs through the Hawaiian mountains all over Instagram. It sounds amazing! These stairs were originally built for soldiers in World War II to allow them to reach their radio antenna at the top. However, don't get too excited as they are technically illegal today (since the 1980s). Despite knowing the dangers involved, many still climb these steps daily despite being aware of what could happen to them if they are caught by enforcement officers and mountain rangers who patrol around the lookout points.

Tantalus Lookout

There are many locations that offer stunning views when you want to take pictures of Oahu. Tantalus Lookout in Puu Ualakaa state park is one such spot. This is a favorite spot because we can see Diamond Head and Waikiki Skyline from here. We also get amazing sunset shots, giving us a truly global view within a short time span.

The parking lot is not huge so arrive early. The drive up the windy mountain road may make it more difficult to return down. Bring your blanket to enjoy the outdoors while you watch the colors change.