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Popular engagement ring trends

Nov 29

Valentine's Day is a popular day for proposing, but it's still a great time to ask your partner. Millions of couples have attempted to make their relationship last longer than eight thousand years.

An engagement ring is an important piece in a proposal.

Yes, sentimental speech is important. You will wear this piece of jewelry for the rest of you life.

There are 11 choices of diamond shapes you can choose from, which is what we recommend when shopping for a ring. An engagement ring.

Experts claim this list includes engagement rings that brides can look for through 2021.

  • The classic solitaire-ring

Solitaire engagement rings may not be in fashion anymore but they are still in high demand. While solitaire engagement rings are no longer in fashion, they're still very popular.

  • Three-stone ring

The three-stone engagement ring is another timeless option. This timeless option is timeless but also has a unique appeal that sets it apart from more common solitaires. After Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle, three stone rings saw a resurgence in popularity. You have many choices, including details and carat weights, to help you pick the right one. These rings represent your future, present, and past together.

  • For unique halo ring

Popular halo engagement rings will return to fashion in 2021. The halo is a unique ring that has a different shape.

  • Vintage-inspired ring

A throwback to old-world elegance is one of the most popular styles. Vintage-inspired engagement rings are timeless in their timeless elegance.

  • Split Shank Engagement Rings

Split shanks are our most dramatic and striking designs. Splitting the band can create subtle illusions that range from classic and timeless to grand and distinguished. It is ideal for engagements and renewals of vows.

  • Bezel Setting Engagement Rings

Bezel-setting rings are very popular because of their modern look and practicality. They are equally beautiful. The bezel is the most secure. This setting puts the emphasis on the centrally located diamond. The rim is covered with a gold-, or platinum edge. This elegant setting protects your precious diamond while keeping your eyes on the star attraction.

You can also choose the bezel design. You have the option to make the setting full or partial. A complete bezel covers all of the jewel while leaving only the top. Partial bezels only cover a portion of the gemstone. Partial bezels allow for profile views of the gem and make it easier to clean at-home.

  • Pave Settings Engagement rings

These pave diamond rings make a great engagement ring. Because it is covered with diamonds, the ring's surface shimmers continuously. For a pave engagement ring you can use any gemstone, but most people prefer to use multiple diamonds that are held together with small gold or platinum beads. There are many choices. There are many options.

Pave settings have two benefits: They make the stones sparkle more, and the metal doesn’t show through. It creates stunning lines of light, glitter and sparkle.

It is not always easy to resize a pave set in order to make a ring. It is important to keep this in mind.

  • Custom-made engagement rings

You can personalize our handcrafted wedding rings or engagement rings with color gemstones, diamonds or any other metal. This allows you to design a ring that suits your personal style.

  • Double Halo Engagement Rings

Double halo rings are made with a second halo. This entails a second halo that is composed of diamonds surrounding the center stone. This makes the center stone look larger and more radiant.

  • Channel Set Diamond Rings

Channel set rings are small, engraved diamonds and other gemstones that are attached to a channel. The channel set rings are secured by the lips. The lip is typically very narrow and slightly extends beyond its edges.

Channel set engagement rings often have grooves that can easily be seen on the channel. These grooves can also be used to secure small gemstones or diamonds.

  • Wedding band

We believe in the real connection between wedding rings and sets of wedding rings for couples. Our wedding bands are handmade and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Check Diamond Exchange Houston for more guides and choices.