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4 Unusual Things on Your Couch

May 12

4 Unusual Things on Your Couch

You are likely to be thinking about what items you use the most in the home. It is almost certain that the couch is at the top.

Now think about which item you clean the most. It is unlikely your couch is on that list. Is it because we use our couches so often that we forget to clean them?

Even if you've been sitting on your couch for a while, you may not have noticed these 5 things.

Dust Mites And Allergens

Dust mites are tiny pests, like insects, that love to nest within the upholstery's fabric. Not only is it disgusting to see these tiny creatures living inside your furniture, but they also shed their skins and leave behind feces that can be inhaled. This can cause asthma, and allergies, and block the airways.

There are many allergens that can hide in upholstery. Pollen can travel in from outside. Animal fur and dander can build up on your couch, especially if you have pets. All of this could lead to allergy problems for anyone with severe allergies.

This will not get rid of the mites or allergens. Regular vacuuming is not enough. For them to be under control, you should have your upholstery professionally cleaned at the very least every six months. This is even more important if you have allergies.

Midland Master Carpet Cleaners are your partner when it comes to a healthy home that is allergy-free.


Mold growth is possible in furniture that's stored in warm or humid environments. The basement is more likely to harbor mold than the rest of your house. Mold can also happen after a flood in your house or other water events.

Mold can seep into upholstery, much like a sponge. This makes it unclean and increases your risk of developing asthma or other respiratory conditions.

It is possible to prevent mold by keeping your furniture dry and using a humidity sensor. But it is hard to remove moldy furniture. If you want to restore your furniture's health, it is best to hire a professional furniture cleaner.

Grease and oil

Our skin naturally produces oil. As we touch furniture and other upholstery, our body oil absorbs into the fibres. There might be more oil concentrated at the top and arms of your furniture because this is where our skin has the most direct contact. This oil builds up and makes it easier for dirt to stick, which can increase the appearance of stains.

It's possible that food grease from popcorn and other snacks has been left on your couch. This can cause staining and more contaminants to your furniture.

We all sit on our couches daily, so it is inevitable that oil will accumulate there. Routine upholstery maintenance can keep germs and greasy areas at bay, and can even prolong the life span of your furniture.

Other Toxic Chemicals or Particles

Whatever you have in your home will end up on your upholstery. It could be anything you use to clean your home or paint particles or dust. The outside world can blow in through windows, so make sure to keep them open.

Non-toxic, green-certified upholstery cleaning will remove the chemicals that can irritate your skin and lungs. It will also protect your children and pets against further exposure.

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