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5 advantages of solar energy?

Jul 13

Do you want to install solar panels or batteries at home? Here are five benefits of solar energy.


5 Reasons Home Solar and Battery are an Excellent Choice

1. Gives you control over your electricity

Home batteries and solar panels are a great way to get rid of utility companies and save money.

In the past ten years, national electricity prices have risen by 15%. This trend is expected to continue.

You may be able to buffer yourself from high peak electric rates and Time-of-Use (TOU), rates in some areas. Rechargeable solar and battery systems can help you save money on electricity. Electricity is more expensive in peak demand periods.

A solar-powered battery will allow you to prevent the next blackout. This number will rise due to extreme weather and an aging grid.

2. Provides clean, renewable energy

Solar energy is renewable and clean. It is also not as polluting as fossil fuels such as natural gas or coal. It doesn't emit harmful greenhouse gases or pollutants (like carbon dioxide), into the air and water supply.

Solar energy can reduce pollution and protect the environment from $167 billion in health and environmental harm. Solar can also save more than 250,000 lives by reducing carbon emissions and burning more than 5,000 tons of coal.

Home solar has enormous potential. One hour of sunlight could power the entire globe.

3. Home value increases

Solar and battery technology can also increase your home's value. For a $500,000 home, a $20,000.5 value increase could be possible.

While specific numbers may vary depending on property and installation, studies have shown an average increase in the resale value of $4,020 to $5.911 for every kilowatt installed solar panel.

A rooftop solar system and battery are typically recouped by the home's sale price.

A solar-powered house can take up to 20 days before it is put on the market. Homes with solar energy will sell 20% faster than houses without them.

Installing solar panels in your home is a smart investment. Your home's value will increase, whether you plan to sell it or keep it as your forever home.

4. Qualifies to receive tax breaks or cash incentives

Many people choose to have their solar and batteries installed by third-party ownership. Many people choose to have solar and batteries installed through third-party ownership. This allows them to enjoy all of the benefits at a low monthly cost.

5. Living costs have fallen

The cost of home solar systems has dropped dramatically in the last decade. It has fallen by more than 70 %. The cost of home solar systems has also dropped substantially.

Even with declining costs, it's possible to have large out-of-pocket costs. Smart Solar New Haven offers a home-solar service contract that makes renewable energy affordable. The Smart Solar New Haven Guarantee covers you for 25 years.


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