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The Survival of Photo Booth Rental during Covid

Aug 31

The Covid pandemic was as unexpected as it was devastating. It left life like we knew it behind in less than a year and forced people to rebuild and adjust. One of the things that the pandemic changed is how we live.

Reports have shown that Covid impacted businesses in many areas. Festival goers couldn't mingle and take photos, which resulted in a drastic decrease in phone booth bookings.

The popularity of photo booths has decreased since the advent of smartphones. However, this article will show you how photo booth rentals have regained tourist attractions + footing in the market.

Are Photo Booth Rentals Still A Thriving Business?

Despite the hard knocks of the pandemic, photo booth rentals are still thriving. Phone booths are doing well and growing in the post-pandemic era. Weddings make Photo Booth Rentals a hit!

The recent global pandemic caused a drop in the photo booth market, but there are indications that the effect will be short-lived. Data show stable growth through 2021, and some estimate a slight increase in development in subsequent years.

When the lockdown was lifted, more people returned to organizing events and demanded photo booths, especially for weddings. Also, the increased demand is due to the strategies companies are adopting to be in line with current realities. The need for Photo Booths in Los Angeles supports this.

Strategies For Photo Booth Rentals To Thrive Post Covid

InstaPhotoBoothRental has had to develop strategies to help stay profitable in the post-Covid era.

Use of Adaptive Technology

The AIDS pandemic spurred the development of adaptive technologies to combat the virus's spread.  Our photo booth rentals were not left out of this trend, and we used online communication platforms to book clients who visited them at events and answered general inquiries over email.

Some companies have stayed afloat by investing in new technology that suits their client's needs. For example, InstaPhotoBoothRental is now using the Photo Bot.

The Photo Bot is a robotic photo booth that can move about during an event and take pictures of those who request it. It satisfies the need for social distance and is non-contact, so in its way, it makes the guests feel safe and gives them self-confidence.

Excellent Customer Care and Additional Incentives

InstaPhotoBoothRental utilizes excellent customer care and other incentives after the pandemic to attract customers. Covid D-19 caused quite a bit of disruption for event planners, and there's been a lot of uncertainty. That's because many customers had already paid deposits, and now they're understandably concerned.

Our Photo booths have been around to answer peoples' questions and help with appointments. Most car rental companies charge an extra fee for rescheduling. However, some companies now choose to forego this fee to satisfy customer needs. As a result, they report getting business via client word of mouth

Photobooth rentals also offered extra incentives like ensuring they were sanitized before use so guests didn't have to worry about catching a disease. It also removed highly invasive features such as props to maintain their cleanliness.

Some companies even send out in-house monitors to ensure that booths are up and running. These monitors can ensure that guests use the kiosks safely.

Strong Online Presence

The enforced isolation during the pandemic period pushed many to rely on the internet more than ever for services. Photo booth companies adapted by ensuring a robust online presence, and they did this in multiple ways.

One company reports how they constantly kept their websites and social media pages updated with fresh materials. During the pandemic, they upgraded and tested all their phone booths, ensuring their potential clients were well aware of what was happening.

Others ran ads on multiple social media platforms. The goal was not to get clients but to remind the people that they hadn't shut down. Some updated their FAQs section or blog posts, detailing new services and practices in the post-covid era.

It's essential to be aware of where your target demographics are and make sure they are in the area whenever they might be open to receive a call. You never know when an opportunity will arise. The results are precise - AI is a profitable and efficient system that will help you focus on other aspects of your business.


Though the pandemic has been harsh on business, our phone booth rental business has thrived in the post-coVID era. These companies have been able to stay profitable in rough times thanks to some practical strategies. One of the best things they did was rely on adaptive technology that helped them adjust quickly, incentivized customers with attractive rewards, and a consistent online presence.

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