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5 tips for selecting family photo outfits

Sep 29

It's time for a family photoshoot Victoria bc! The photographer has already set the date and the location. You are ready to put the date on your calendar and forget it until the day arrives. But not so quickly. It takes a little planning and coordination to create great family photos. This is especially true when photographing extended family members that don't reside under your roof. 

Everyone should look and feel their best in solo and group shots. This can take some time, so don't wait until the last moment. You don't have to be a fashion major to create the perfect photoshoot outfits for your family. Alyssa orrego Photography are here to help you make this process easy, quick, and successful.

Match the Location

Do not wait to decide on the location for your photoshoot. You need to determine if you want your home as your backdrop or if the photographer will set up a scene. Coordinating with our photographers who bring along black and white backgrounds is easy.

Everything, from clothing style to color schemes, is affected by the location. It doesn't mean that you have to match the exact area. You don't have to wear swimsuits while taking photos with your family at the beach. It doesn't matter what setting you choose; all that matters is how natural you look.

What colors would you wear to a park during early fall? What colors would look best against a lake surrounded by trees? While you may feel the need to dress up more than average for a day of walking in the park, it is essential to keep your outfit realistic. You wouldn't want to photograph fall photos in a summer dress and sandals while being surrounded by fallen leaves. As you go through this list, keep your location in mind.

No impersonations allowed

Although you can find style inspiration online and in magazines, you will still want to wear the clothes daily. You don't have to wear something more formal than you can, but it is something you would wear for the right occasion.

You want to be like you are, and so should your family members. One thing is to get inspiration from Pinterest and social media. It's not enough to glam it up with tons and tons of makeup or clothing styles you don't like.

You can look at fashion trends, but you should stick with outfits that reflect the individuality of your family. Your goal is to feel the best version of yourself and not others. You can look at fashion trends, but remember to show your family's individuality. Not someone else; you want to feel the best version possible of yourself. "

Pick a Color Palette

If everyone wears the same thing, you will likely have colors that clash. Everyone should shine in individual shots, while cohesion is essential in group shots.

Is that impossible? Here are some tips to help you make it more manageable:

  • Keep it simple with three colors. You can have up to four colors for large families, provided that at least one of them is neutral, such as black, gray, and white.
  • You can choose one person to wear a design that matches the background. The pattern can be used as a background color. All others can choose two solid colors. You can also coordinate solids with patterns by groups. You could have the children wearing matching patterns and the adults wearing coordinated solids.
  • Choose muted colors instead of bright ones. You can choose coral over hot pink or forest green over neon green.
  • Choose colors that are closest to your expected backdrop or location. You might choose red, white, or green if you have a Christmas backdrop. You can select turquoise or seafoam to match white for beach family photos.
  • Consider where the family photo will be displayed in your home. What color scheme is there in the room? You can use the images of your outfits to add an accent color to that room.
  • Before you decide to go with all-black or all-white, talk to your photographer. Your background will also play a role in your ability to capture great photos with one color. It works sometimes, and it doesn't always.

Don't get too strict here. Let each person choose something they like while keeping in mind the palette. It's not ideal to be perfectly matched. You should think about coordinated but individual. Each person can choose a different color but must work within the same palette.

Coordinate patterns

Photographs that aren't too obvious make the best patterns. It is more challenging to get a picture where everyone can see them; the louder they become. It's not a good idea for a strange pattern to obscure your smiling faces.

You should ensure that the print or pattern you choose will blend well with your background. Use a brightly colored pattern as the focal point and create your color scheme around it. You can match all patterns or prints or choose solids for the rest.

Multiple people may want to wear the same pattern or print. Please make sure they can look great together. Having enough solids in your wardrobe is essential to create a cohesive look.

You should avoid specific patterns and accents.

  • Checkers or small plaids
  • Thin stripes
  • Logos for brands

Begin with one person or a small group

Start with one person or one group if you are having trouble. You might start with the person most comfortable wearing a particular pattern or the member of the family that is the pickiest about their clothes. It is possible, to begin with, a group of people, such as grandparents, parents, teens, or children.

Once you have settled on a person or group, you can choose a color palette to coordinate your family's outfits. Lay everything out on a flat surface, such as a table or a bed, while you add outfits. This allows you to see the final result. To get an idea of how the arrangement might look in professional photos, snap a few pictures with your phone.

Although it may seem overwhelming, you can still start with one outfit. Start with one person, one generation. It isn't easy to start, just like everything else.