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What to wear to a photoshoot?

Oct 4

You have booked a photo shoot with your favorite photographer like Alyssa Orrego Photography. Perhaps you have had a consultation and are now prepared for the shoot. Have you thought about what to wear for your session? Is the problem that you're stressing out about all of your options, wholly lost in the possibilities? 

Clothing might be a top concern for some, but many still neglect to consider what they will wear during the moments they plan to capture, display for a lifetime, or pass on to loved ones long after. It doesn't have to be stressful to decide what to wear for a photoshoot. However, it is something you should do as part of your preparation.

How to dress for a photoshoot

You can't wear your favorite sports shirt or your most comfy pair of sweatpants. What do you wear then? You still have many options!

The time of year, the setting and the occasion will all affect what you wear and your style. You should always get in touch with your  professional family photographer Victoria bc to discuss your photoshoot outfits. However, if you don't have any specific direction, here are some general guidelines for what to wear to a  family photo shoot.

  • You can keep accessories and jewelry simple or skip them altogether.
  • Solid and muted colors-earthy or muted gem tones and monochrome, beige and taupe are all great examples.
  • Outfits with low contrast colors (if your shirt has a pure white color, choose lighter bottom pieces).
  • Flatter, you figure. Don't wear clothes that are too tight or loose or emphasize your insecurities. Wear what you love.
  • Wear sleeves and quarter-sleeves if the weather allows. My experience is that women who photograph their arms are the most self-conscious. You can cover your arms to distract from their focus and flatter their form.
  • Long skirts, trousers, and dresses. A long, flowing dress is an excellent choice for photos. You will have so much fun in one!
  • You can style your hair however you wish, but avoid ponytails. The more loose and flexible your style is, the better.
  • Coordinate clothing-in group photos. Try to keep everyone on one page and a color palette of at least 2-4 colors. For family outfit planning, I recommend choosing one piece of clothing (e.g., mom's or daughter's) with several colors and then pulling colors from it for everyone else. Dress as if you are going together.

Personal branding attire and headshots

While many of the above tips can be applied to branding and headshot sessions, I wanted to discuss how to dress for headshots.


  • Your neckline is the essential part of your outfit for headshots, ladies. I recommend bringing tops and dresses with asymmetrical necklines or modest ones for a boudoir shoot. Round necklines look professional, elegant and classic. V-necks are more casual and do not sit as well over your shoulders or chest. Round necks I love because they draw attention to your eyes.
  • At least one dress is required for your session. Thicker dresses will resist wrinkles better than thinner ones. It is possible to bring in patterned or brightly colored dresses.
  • Bring your jewelry! When you come to your session, I will help you match your jewelry with your outfits.
  • If collars are required for your job, you should avoid wearing collared shirts.
  • Use minimal makeup. Avoid heavy eye makeup.
  • Use solid colors and basic neutrals that you can mix and match.
  • If you are having trouble deciding, bring a whole suitcase!


  • Have options! Bring different ties, different shirts, and different suit jackets.
  • A basic soft tee shirt and long-sleeve shirt are ideal for casual headshot sessions and actor headshot sessions.
  • Wear taupe, white, gray, or black and Avoid bright neons.
  • If you have a brand or personality, bring something fun! Bring a shirt with fun patterns if you have one! It might be possible to work together.
  • Do not wear foundation or powder.
  • Groom your hair and facial hair.


You should now know what you should wear to a photoshoot. But you might still be curious about my reasoning for these pieces of advice. These suggestions are all given to draw attention to your face, not your clothing. The clothes that aren't too noticeable on your face make the best clothing choices. These are not guidelines that will make your life easier or dictate how you dress. These guidelines are good if you want your portraits to represent you and your family over time. Even if you don't like your clothes, your portraits are sure to be stunning.