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Are Photo Booths Still a Thing?

Dec 15

If you've been to a party, recently, chances are, there may have been a photo booth there. Especially at this time of year, with the holiday parties happening, you have likely seen a photo booth of some sort. Whether it be the traditional, enclosed booth, the open-air booth, or the new 360 booths. 

Are Photo Booths Here to Stay?

If you have been on your social media, recently, you've likely even seen ads on how easy it is to go into business by owning a photo booth. They run ads for the 360 booth, mostly, since it's the latest trend. The barrier to entry is not too high. Spend about $3000 and you'll be in business. 

The older, open-air booths are definitely cheaper, now, as well. You hardly see the enclosed booths anymore, either. Photo booths have been in high demand since around 2015. You can get creative in how you present your booth (the pic above is a photo booth van, which people love). However you present it, people love the booths!

Are Photo Booths in Demand?


We spoke with Jason Alexander Rubio, of Austin's Best DJs and Photo Booths, and he said: "photo booths are still going strong. Sure, they may have changed, but they likely won't go anywhere. People love selfies and that will never change! This 2022 holiday season, we actually had more demand for photo booths than any of our products, which is rare. We've actually never had that happen!"

How people take selfies may change, but let's be honest, you can never have enough selfies! :) So if you have considered going into business and buying your own photo booth, it's a pretty good opportunity. The barrier to entry is low and if you have a decent social media presence, you'll be fine! 

So to answer the question, "are photo booths still a thing," we say yes, they absolutely are! If you want more info, reach out to us, or you can even reach out to Jason, directly. He is also always happy to answer your questions!