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How Much Is Photo Booth Hire Wolverhampton Rentals?

Dec 3

Photo Booth Hire Wolverhampton is great for all kinds of events. They bring out people’s creative sides and are a fun way to capture memories for guests. They are also a great addition to weddings.

Photo booths and magic mirrors are the latest event entertainment options. Learn more about how much they cost, what features they offer and what add-ons are available.


Photo booths are a great addition to any event and provide hours of entertainment for guests. They are also a popular way to make memories that will last a lifetime. The costs of hiring a photo booth in Wolverhampton can vary, but most companies offer competitive rates. Some even include a variety of props and backdrops to match your theme. Many services also offer digital copies of photos for your guests to take home and share on social media.

Whether you’re hosting a wedding in Wolverhampton or a birthday party, photo booths are the perfect way to create fun memories. They allow you to let your creative side shine and get silly with your friends and family. In the end, you’ll have a photo album full of hilarious pictures to look back on. Many booths come with a dedicated attendant to keep the line moving and help you with props. Some even offer green screen options to allow you to have a backdrop of your choosing.

If you’re looking for something a little different than a standard photo booth, consider magic mirror hire in Wolverhampton. These high-tech mirrors look like regular mirrors but also feature an interactive touchscreen that allows you to customise your pictures. You can draw on your photo, add emoji stamps and more. You can also use the magic mirror to create a guest book, where your guests can sign their photo and leave you a special message. Contact City of Wolverhampton Council for a list of community halls in the area that can accommodate your special event. Most of the hall facilities include parking and a kitchen.


Photo booths can bring out people’s silly sides and create fun memories that will last a lifetime. They are the perfect way to add some extra entertainment to a wedding, party or corporate event. A few props and accessories can elevate a simple photo booth to the next level. Guests will love dressing up and posing with fun accessories like boas, hats and glasses. They’ll even want to share their creations on social media!

Many companies offer custom graphics and unique screens that can match your event theme or colour scheme. They can also provide backdrops and props to help make the most of your photos. In addition, they can put together a guest book so that you can remember your big day.

If you want something more unique than a regular photo booth, consider hiring a magic mirror. These interactive mirrors look just like normal mirrors, but they have a touch screen and can be used to capture full-length photos. You can even personalise your photos by drawing or scribbling on the screen. Some magic mirrors also have emoji stamps and can print your photos in less than 10 seconds.

In addition to providing props and backgrounds, most photo booths can be used to create customised photo effects. These can include sepia, pop art or Christmas effects. They can even be branded with your company name or logo for an extra special touch.


Some booth rental companies will charge for add-ons that are not included in the standard package. For example, a photo booth can be upgraded to include a video screen that shows the photos taken during the event and a social media station for sharing. In addition, a customised photo album can be created to hold the photos taken at the event. These options can add up to a significant increase in the cost of the rental.

A photo booth is the perfect addition to any party. It can be used at weddings, birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, or other special occasions. It’s also great for corporate events and holiday parties.

Photo booths can be customised to suit any occasion, with backdrops and props that can be tailored to match the theme of the event. Most hire packages include unlimited visits to the booth and an attendant who will help guests take pictures and provide props. They can also add emoji stamps to the photos to make them more fun and personalise them.

A Magic Mirror or Beauty mirror is a new type of photo booth that is the latest trend in parties. It is similar to a regular mirror but doubles as a touchscreen, with a huge range of options for customising your photos. It can also record GIFs and boomerangs, as well as provide high and low-resolution downloads.


Photo booths are a great way to add fun and excitement to your event. With a variety of props and backdrops, these booths allow guests to express their creative sides while taking home a memento of the occasion. They also make great icebreakers and social activities, helping guests get to know each other.

Photobooth hire is a popular choice for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and more. Tailored packages are available to suit any event theme, and the booths come with a range of options to customise your experience. You can even add a guestbook so your guests can leave a special message to you and your spouse or sign their photos with unique signatures.

Magic mirror hire Wolverhampton is another innovative service that can take your party to the next level. These high-tech mirrors look like standard mirrors but offer a touchscreen that allows you to customise your photos. You can choose a backdrop, add a prop, and personalise your prints with emoji stamps and text messages.

The mirrors are also a great addition to wedding receptions, as they give guests the opportunity to express themselves and celebrate their love in a unique way. You can also have your guests sign the photos they take in the booth, which you can use as a guest book or display at your reception.


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