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6 enjoyable concepts for residence and digital bachelorette events

The pandemic may have changed your wedding plans, but it doesn’t have to completely destroy your bachelorette party dreams! If you are planning something safe at home or virtually, you can absolutely still party with your girls.

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To be honest, my own bachelorette party held at a friend’s country house with loads of DIY spa goodies at home was exactly what I wanted. And I think it fits in pretty well with most coronavirus guidelines! My best friends and I sat by the pool, ate all my favorite foods, drank lots of Chardonnay, did DIY facials and watched ‘What About Bob?’ & lots of stand-up comedy. To be honest, it was perfect.

We have done our best at Bridal Musings headquarters to continue to come up with creative ideas to help you plan, reschedule (and often reschedule) your wedding during Coronavirus. Be Inspired PR has teamed up their own wedding professionals to come up with their own ideas for the perfect bachelorette party at home in 2021.

Photo by Lora Grady Photography via Bridal Musings

Additional Tip: We believe any of the following ideas can be implemented in person (please make sure you follow your local social distancing and rule collecting guidelines) or virtually. We all loved Zoom parties – hello parties in your jams – so Zoom stag and hen parties (or stag parties for our UK brides) can work too!

1. Use virtual classes

“Going virtual is all the rage right now. If you are looking for a fun experience with your friends, you can try a virtual class together. Dana’s New Jersey bakery offers a virtual macaron making class that even gives you all the materials you need. – Ashley Lachney, Owner + Principal Planner, Alston Mayger Events

2. Upgrade your decor to get something special

“Even if your party is at home against Palm Springs this year, don’t skimp on furnishings! Work with a local florist to add a wow factor to different areas of your home or create a magical table landscape to share your meals in. – Ashley Lachney, Owner + Principal Planner, Alston Mayger Events

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3. Treat yourself to a tea day

“For a little afternoon fun, have a tea party! First, send out small kits to all participants. The kits can contain a cup or teacup, a couple of bags of tea, a biscotti, and an agenda. Since virtual parties can get a bit noisy at times, it’s a good idea to include a brief agenda for the call. This way all participants know what to expect and when to go silent. Here’s a little example: Welcome to (Name) Virtual Sprinkle, it’s a zoom – so turn off your camera when you have to ring the bell. Below is an agenda for those who are Type A. We’re having a tea party and some games. “- Nora Sheils, founder of Bridal Bliss

4. Schedule a DIY spa day

“Even before the pandemic, I always encourage my friends to have small DIY spa meetings. Make cute kits of scrubs and masks, moisturizers and serums, silk eye masks, and maybe even those cute jade rollers. (I love all the bath salts and natural beauty products at Credo Beauty). Christina recently found these adorable dried flower joints for a botanical cool off.

The beauty of a DIY spa is that you can do it anywhere! Choose a secluded and safe Airbnb nearby, leave it with a friend at home, or even mail your spa kits and meet virtually. “- Claire Eliza, Editor-in-Chief of Bridal Musings

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5. Integrate customizations

“There are so many ways to have the perfect bachelorette party at home! One way to make the occasion special is to have a chic dinner with a perfect table setting. Adjustments are always a plus! A fun photo backdrop or a DIY bouquet bar are great activities for the ladies! The host can also host a customized wine tasting from the bride’s favorite vineyard or host a mixology competition! “- HoneyFitz Events

6. Provide tons of personalized goodies

“The best thing anyone can do right now to still live and celebrate is to adapt, and that includes those special wedding moments that can’t be replaced! We saw our customers send each guest a bag with special items such as personalized shirts, confetti and personalized champagne flutes. A special photo background with a personalized neon sign or a balloon garland would also be fun when everyone gets together in person! “- Valarie Falvey, Kirkbrides Wedding Planning & Design

Does coronavirus affect your wedding plans and clothing shopping? You can find all of our COVID-19 wedding aids here. Don’t miss our virtual wedding guide to help plan your digital day!

Photo by Lora Grady Photography via Bridal Musings

These tips have been compiled by Be Inspired PR, a PR + social media agency for wedding, wellness and lifestyle clients. With more than 10 years of experience, we are here to take our customers to the next level! You can find tons of stylish wedding inspirations on Instagram and Pinterest.

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