A look at my photography internship at Kristen Weaver

This blog “My time as a KWP intern” was quite difficult to write. It’s not because it’s hard or anything, I just don’t know where to start. I learned so much and had a lot of fun doing it. This photo internship has definitely changed me for the better and I am very grateful for the KWP team download.

From finding out I was accepted as a KWP intern to day one, I was so nervous to actually start. I didn’t know anything about marketing or business. I had only a modest knowledge of photography, but I still didn’t feel qualified enough. After meeting Kristen, I felt so much more comfortable. She did not expect that we would have all the experiences in the world. This photo internship was about teaching us the basics and what she never learned in college.

The kittens

The kittens are the name that we as a group have chosen for ourselves. Every year the interns choose a name and a saying. So we decided that we would be the kitties and the KWP team would be the cool cats (; (If you don’t know, it’s a Tiger King reference). We all agreed that it would be for us as reggae music- Group would fit for free!

Throughout the internship there were several assignments that we had to work on together and we all got close to each other pretty quickly! Hannah and Tori are both so much fun and I’m so grateful for the chance to meet them! I am very grateful for this photo internship as a whole for all of the great people I have met.

Internship in photography

Orlando Photography Internship

film records

As one of our first photo assignments, we had the choice of doing a film shoot or shooting a beauty shoot in the studio. I decided to shoot because I wanted to have the experience and see how to shoot with films. It was great in the end, but it was definitely nerve-wracking. I’m used to taking photos and seeing the result right away. Obviously you don’t get that luxury with film. After filming, I had to send the film to a lab so they could process it for free on the Google Play Store. Kristen then taught us how to fill out the form and what all the terms mean, it was super helpful! I’ll be making films again, that’s for sure. Thanks to Kristen and this photo internship, I now know how to do it !!

Orlando film photography

Orlando portrait photographer

Orlando Photography Intern

Macro shot

Another photo assignment we received was some kind of product photography. I went for a clean and minimal gold jewelry shoot. I learned how to do the setup, lighting and staging of the products! I think this shoot was my favorite of all. Product photography is something that I’ve found I really enjoy !! I am very grateful for the experience.

Orlando product photography

Orlando jewelry product photography

Product photography

Owner and Pet Shoot

Okay, maybe I lied, THIS shoot was my favorite. I assisted Kristen in two different photo sessions with couples and their pets. I love animals and it’s so nice to see Kristen pose the couple and their pets. As a designated attention grabber for the animals, I used squeaky toys, treats and made crazy whistling noises. So for my shoot I decided to ask my girlfriend and her boxer Boomer. The shoot was fun, of course I was allowed to shoot the one dog that has the greatest selective hearing and the greatest attention of all time !! But I was able to take a lot of cute photos of both of them and was really happy with the result!

Wedding assistant for Kristen

I have to support my first wedding to Kristen! It was at the Lake Mary Events Center by a beautiful lake. For me as a KWP intern, seeing what exactly it takes to host a wedding has been a great experience! I think it was about an eight hour wedding and my feet definitely hated me the next day, but everything was so beautiful. It was so much fun helping Kristen with everything. In one setting, Kristen wanted the veil to look like it was blowing in the wind so I had to throw the veil and try to get out of the shot asap so we could get some very nice shots of me that absolutely make faces crazy.

After the day was over, I was exhausted to say the least. But the experience and knowledge from that day will stay with me for the future! For more information on this wedding, see: Classic Black and White Wedding for Childhood Best Friends

Orlando wedding photographer

Wedding photographer from central Florida

Orlando wedding photography

Final project

I’ll only talk briefly about my styled shoot as we have an entirely different blog post that goes into it in depth. If you were interested in reading it, it is called Meet Me in Modesto. However, the planning of the shoot was intense. It’s 100% the toughest project we’ve had to do, and pinterest is a literal lifesaver. The shoot was great and I now use pinterest for literally everything!

Orlando Photography Intern

Orlando wedding photography

Orlando wedding

The end

Towards the end of my KWP internship, I learned so much more than I wrote. I would be here for weeks writing this blog about all the information I have learned. As a newer amateur photographer, I didn’t know so much about the business aspect, marketing, finance, studio photography and a lot more. Everything I’ve learned will stay with me forever because it helped me become a better photographer, and I’m a lot more confident as a photographer.

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