A wedding romper + a pampas flower crown for that elopement in the mountains of superstition

Who doesn’t love a cute wedding romper and bolo tie matchup ?! Believe it or not, when Gabe + Terry put on their adorable clothes, they didn’t know where their escape would be or what vows they would take! They just knew they were in love and that’s all that matters. With their cute Pomeranian Siggi in tow, they hiked to Superstition Mountain in Arizona. G’s best friend and the couple’s photographer had planned the whole thing – a beautiful desert backdrop and a short and sweet ceremony. They knew they wanted to escape and Covid-19 made that a reality! G tells us more about how her day came about:

Terry, my five-year-old partner and I always wanted to flee, so 2020 was the perfect excuse. Most courthouses were closed for personal ceremonies, and a Zoom wedding wasn’t exactly something I wanted to do. So we grabbed our photographer, the most dreamy flowers, our fluffy Pomeranian, and my best friend to officiate, and headed for the Superstition Mountains to escape the weekend before Thanksgiving. Terry and I were far away for the entire first year of our relationship – I lived in Phoenix and he lived in LA. Returning to the desert to escape felt really special.

Ashtyn Nicole Photo captured everything in beautiful golden details! Let’s take a look!

A wedding full of surprises

Superstition mountains elopement

Wedding puppy

Siggi looks so happy for mom and dad in this adorable flower collar from Form Floral.

Superstition mountains elopement

G’s best friend, Chels Knorr, presided over the ceremony. She has known G since they were children !! Talk about special.

Many elements of the day were actually a surprise. Ashtyn, our photographer, picked the most perfect place for Terry and me to say “I do”. Neither of us had been there in person until we hiked to the climax on the day of our escape. Our vows came as a surprise too. My sweet best friend and I have known each other since first year of high school. She said I couldn’t get married without her, so I figured out what better person to officiate than her. I asked her to write our vows (a lot of pressure, I know), which we didn’t hear until we said them to each other up on the mountain. But the most memorable part of the day (because everything was blurry) was going home, putting on sweatpants and ordering the newlyweds to take away from Pizzeria Bianco.

Superstition mountains elopement

Bolo tie meets wedding rompers

Superstition mountains elopement

These two have a bit of STYLE! T looked like the perfect desert groom in a classic H&M suit and a MINIMA-MAXIMA bolo tie.

Champagne pop

There is no elopement without champagne!

Superstition mountains elopement

If you’re inspired to follow G + T’s lead and escape, be sure to check out this list of 10 things you need to have an unforgettable elopement!

Wedding doll's floral collar

Superstition mountains elopement

Family photos in the desert

Superstition mountains elopement

Superstition mountains elopement

The perfect wedding romper

Wedding cape

We’re in love with G’s elopement clothing! She got her wedding romper from French Connection at Bloomingdale’s, her sparkling cape from BHLDN, ​​her heels from Ann Taylor and Sarah Stidham Beauty, which made her gold makeup shine.

I tried on so many overalls and rompers, but nothing felt like me until I put the cape on. To be honest, the cape + romper was actually my emergency outfit, but in the end I loved it more than originally planned. I’m all about comfort and the cape + romper was just that. It was simple, effortless and just the right amount of glamor for our casual elopement.

Superstition mountains elopement

An elopement doesn’t have to feel like a backup plan. I know it’s a backup plan for a lot of brides at the moment, but enjoy the day for what it is and know it will be a day to remember no matter what. Many providers offer special elopement packages, which makes the planning process so easy. Also, make sure to apply for your marriage certificate at least 4-6 weeks in advance. We got lucky and ours arrived right away depending on where we live but don’t wait until the last minute.

The corolla

Superstition mountains elopement

We needed to know more about this fabulous pampas grass crown and asked G:

I just had a buzz cut so I wanted something that covered my head instead of emphasizing the fact that Terry had been my hairdresser for most of the year. I sent the florist and et voila a handful of inspiration photos! She created the most glorious crown I have ever seen. I mean WOW. The orchids in the crown were actually a last minute request. When I was growing up, my grandparents grew orchids. When I had a couple of orchids in my crown, it felt like they were with me in mind as I said, “I do” to my life partner.

Wedding ring

We love unique and colorful wedding bands, and this one from Concierge Diamonds is stunning!

Superstition mountains elopement

Pure bliss! From Gabe’s adorable wedding romper and cape to Siggi’s floral collar to Terry’s desert-recognized bolo tie, this elopement has some serious style! Congratulations to you guys! We’ll sign off to other couples with your final advice:

Remember that at the end of the day you will go away to be married to yourself. Elopements or intimate get-togethers also relieve your guests who are not feeling well or not. Those who do not travel comfortably will appreciate you much more in the long run;)

Photography: Ashtyn Nicole // Name of the venue: Superstition Mountains, Apache Junction, Arizona, USA // Flowers: Form Floral // Wedding dress: French Connection at Bloomingdale // Bridal shoes: Ann Taylor // Bridal ring: Concierge Diamonds // Make-up Artist: Sarah Stidham // Groom clothing: H & M and MINIMA-MAXIMA (bolo tie) // Groom ring: Concierge Diamonds // officiating: Chels Knorr // Bridal cape: BHLDN

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