Benefits of Choosing a Micro Wedding

While I love a large, lavish wedding, there are also many benefits to choosing a micro-wedding. Think of a micro-wedding as a compromise between a traditional wedding and an escape. You don’t have to miss out on partying with your beloved family and friends while avoiding many of the complex issues that can come with large weddings. A micro-wedding is the perfect choice if you still want to experience all the fun aspects of a wedding (e.g. sending out invitations, enjoying beautiful flower arrangements, throwing a dance party, etc.) while maintaining the intimate feel of a small gathering. Read on to learn some of the benefits of choosing a micro-wedding:

  • Offers more flexibility in planning

One of the first big decisions you need to make when planning a wedding is choosing a venue. Hosting a wedding with a smaller guest list actually opens up a wider choice of venues! For Lauryn and Bryan’s intimate wedding in Los Angeles, they were able to rent out an entire restaurant for their reception. The Catch restaurant usually didn’t offer weddings, but they agreed to let the space use up as they didn’t have an overwhelming number of guests. This is an opportunity to think outside of traditional wedding venues like country clubs and possibly make a unique dream location work! In addition to choosing the venue, having a small guest list can make it easier to be a little unconventional with your other decisions for the big day, as people’s expectations have been adjusted. For example, Lauryn and Bryan decided not to have dinner at their reception and instead opted to start dancing right away, passing around casual entrees. At a micro-wedding, guests will already know that it is not a traditional wedding. So you can leave out items that you don’t care about and anything you want to include will be a pleasant surprise!

  • Increases the experience for every guest

We know a wedding is about celebrating the couple, but as long as you have guests, you also want to make sure they are happy and well taken care of. With fewer people, you can improve each guest’s experience and really pamper them! Surfing or lawn? Why not both? For the intimate New York wedding of YoYo and Chris at 620 Loft & Garden, they gathered their 26 guests on a roof in the legendary Rockefeller Center, pampered them with caviar and foie gras and made every effort to make the decor and details a luxurious and extraordinary Experience.

  • Allows for more meaningful personal connections

You can start your day with the best of intentions checking into each guest, but we are all ultimately limited by the time constraints. It’s just a math fact that if you have fewer guests at your wedding, you can spend more time with each person. At the micro-weddings I have photographed, I was always touched to see the couple having extended conversations with a valued lifelong friend or family member who had traveled overseas to be there. A smaller guest list can also be a plus if you or your partner are shy about being the center of attention. Just having the people you are closest to can make you feel more comfortable and make your day so much funnier.

With so many advantages of choosing a micro wedding, they are becoming more and more popular these days. But weddings, no matter how big, are definitely worth documenting! I would love to take care of it – contact me today!

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