Cake Smash with Grace for her first 12 months

I can’t believe it’s been a year! Grace is finally allowed to smash her own cake for her first birthday! We met Rebecca and Chris at their conservatory house where Grace was partying with her parents and grandparents. They live by a small pond so we thought this would be the perfect place to shoot.

When we got there we were surrounded by pink pampas grass! Not sure who loved it more, me or Grace Download Minecraft Parkour Map! We made sure that this whole shoot was a birthday party for little Grace. I’m not kidding you, everyone who wasn’t in the pictures was standing right behind me singing Happy Birthday and Grace loved it when clans were downloaded for free! I think those Jimmy Fallon parenting books we saw on Grace’s newborn shoot pay off art prints freely. She is such a cute baby and knows how to eat cake like a champ! She definitely wasn’t shy about breaking the cake. At the end of the shoot, Grace was wiped out. She had enough birthday parties and cake for all of us. The last picture in this gallery actually landed on the Laidley Happy New Year card. Scroll down to see one of my favorite photos from that shoot.

Who says you have to be to smash a cake? Check out Kristin’s 30th birthday cake!

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