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Choosing the Right Photo Booth Company for Your Wedding/Event

Jun 1
The photo booth is an essential wedding or party rental that every party-goer loves to see at any event, even a house party! It is a great way for people to have fun and celebrate the moment. At some level, everybody wants to be a star. Photo booths are a great way for guests to feel like they're the star of the show! 
When you want to rent a photo booth, you may have trouble choosing the best photo booth for your event. We are going to help you by explaining the differences between photo booth companies, as well as prices, below. We spoke with Jason Alexander Rubio, from Austin's Best DJs & Photo Booths. He gave us a few answers and advice about photo booth rentals. Here are the FAQs below.
1. How much do photo booth rentals cost? 
Photo booths can cost from as little as $250 up to $2500 or more, for a 3-4 hour rental! The costs vary, depending on the company, as well as what's included with the rental. As expected, cheaper photo booth rentals usually cost less from companies that are brand new. Sometimes, companies that don't include much with the rental will start off, cheaper. They'll then add expenses for things like social media posting, different backdrop styles, adding custom text to the printouts, etc. Be sure to find out what's included with your rental before choosing the company that best suit your needs. 
2. What's the difference between photo booth companies? 
As stated, above, what's included with the rental is often what makes companies different. Also, some photo booths may have a DSLR camera, versus a tablet-based photo booth. Both options work fine, depending on your needs.
The photo strips are usually 2 inch X 6-inch strips. So the photos are usually only about 1.75 inches wide and about 1 inch tall. So the DSLR versus a tablet option doesn't really make too much of a difference. Be sure to ask your photo booth company to see example printouts, just to make sure you'll be happy with the quality. 
The printer is truly what makes the difference. Professional photo booth companies use a Dye Sub printer. Be sure to ask what type of printer the company uses. Some companies use regular photo printers and the quality will be very different when compared to a dye-sub printer. 
Other differences include types of backdrop included. Backdrops can really make a huge difference at your photo booth. We've all seen the sequin backdrops. Find out what type of backdrops your photo booth company includes. Boxwood backdrops and neon wedding signs are trending for 2021/2022 weddings/events!
Overall, these are the main differences between photo booth companies. Companies will often tell you differently, but honestly, these are the main, important differences. We hope this was helpful. Feel free to comment or ask a question, and we'll be happy to help!