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Distinctive hen evening concepts for each kind of bride

Oh, I love a good hen, don't I? (This is bachelorette party for our readers in the United States.)

I love that, no matter what happens, it's one of those occasions when everyone just drops their hair and gets into the mind.

But as a former bridesmaid, I know what it feels like when things are going to be just right for your bride. Even if she is the most relaxed woman, you want her to have a personal evening that really feels special.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the bare view? I enlisted help from Natalie Punter of Drink Shop & Do.

Drink Shop & Do is one of my favorite places in London for a girls night out. A cute café during the day that turns into a disco bar at night (with killer tunes). They also specialize in hosting fun, relaxed and unique stag and hen parties with craftnoons, cocktails, decorations and dancing – all in one place.

Who better to guide us through some gems of ideas to host a unique bachelorette party tailored for your bride – whether she loves the jet set life or a weekend on the sofa?

About you Natalie …

Photo by Drink Shop & Do.

If the idea of ​​L-plates, butlers in the buff, and benevolent straws (not that something is wrong with the strange, naughty straw) makes you sweat when you think of them, don't panic, there are endless alternatives to yours Not to be done – conventional chicken smile for days.

It doesn't have to be a problem to develop strange and wonderful ideas for organizing a stag or hen party. It's about twisting some of these proven chicken traditions and making them your own.

For the "non-bride" bride: Piñata Making

Photo by Ashley Ludaescher Photography about Bridal Musings

If your bride eschews something too bridal, this could be a sure hit and maybe even serve as a wedding decoration (if she can survive the night!).

Making piñata is fun, smart, and just crazy enough to let you and your group down while putting together the perfect pinata. Serve margaritas and let the hen choose a winner who will be your mascot for the evening, wherever you go.

This definitely ensures top talking point material wherever you move.

For the Crafty Boho Babe Bride: flower headbands

Photo by Sara Lynn Photography via Bridal Musings

Embrace your inner flower power and try to create your own flower headbands!

A simple craft activity that delivers the most beautiful and eye-catching end results – floral headbands never go out of style and are the perfect way to highlight you and your team when you hit the dance floor and round off an unforgettable hen party night.

There are countless ways to take home with you, and it's an easy activity that is suitable for both creative experts and smart beginners.

For the little cheeky bride: tassels & dance classes

Photo by Maui Maka Photography via Bridal Musings

The best way to release your inner perfect pop princess or aspiring R & # 39; n & # 39; B diva is by far a dance class.

Whether you want to shake it off like Beyonce like Taylor or lemonade, there is always a class that is just perfect for you. Who knows – maybe you can perfect your group's "Put A Ring On It" routine and then casually break in on the dance floor at the wedding.

For these London-based babes, Drink, Shop & Do also offers bridal showers the chance to cheek up in the context of a hen with the fabulous manufacture of nipple tassels with sequins. Ideal for chickens who don't want to take the night too seriously, but can do some risky cover-ups to get their full siren potential.

For the reserved bride: chickflicks & cocktails

Photo by Kelly Sauer about Bridal Musings

Sometimes the best gift for a bride who is always on the go is a few moments of rest in chaos.

Hold your own A-list movie screening for a marathon of chick flicks and cocktails. You can book a private room or a chic AirBnb, or for a more intimate affair, simply invite people to your home for an evening of cocktails.

You can even make the movie evening thematic as you like – parties like this can be customized for your bride to meet the tastes and the top selection.

For the wanderlust bride: An exotic break

Photo via Dar Jaguar

Traveling is always a good idea for a hen, but if you go to a completely exotic place, it will be unforgettable for the right reasons.

Take your future wanderlust bride into the romantic and picturesque explosion of color in Marrakech for a glamorous weekend with Dar Jaguar.

With packages that range from a day of yoga and facials to learning traditional Moroccan dishes and belly dancing to dawn.

For the adventure bride: camping

Photo by Colby Elizabeth Photography via Bridal Musings

If your bride is less of a champagne mani in the spa than a kind of beer and manners from the fire lady – what about an ultimate camping trip with chickens?

Imagine that; An intimate, relaxed, glamping party with a focus on good food, good drinks and of course good company against the backdrop of the great outdoors.

Sounds like the perfect weekend.

For the classic bride: vintage makeover & afternoon tea

Photo by Colby Elizabeth Photography via Bridal Musings

Nothing says a classic bachelor party like pampering and glamorous makeup alongside your main girls.

If you come up with the idea of ​​victory rolls and barrel curls, a vintage vixen makeup may be just the thing for you.

Combine your experience with one of the most typical afternoon teas – Drink, Shop & Do reserve the weekends for women who want to treat themselves to endless sandwiches, miniature cakes, scones and bubbles before rounding off the festivities with other drinks and dancing!

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