Engagement Ring Enneagram: The perfect ring for your personality type

Round and brilliant cut, emerald or oval, one stone, two stones or three? Choosing an engagement ring can be tricky, so Kaeleigh Testwuide, the founder and owner of The Diamond Reserve, makes it easy! She will help you find the perfect engagement ring for your Enneagram type! If you’re not familiar with the Enneagram, let’s break it down for you. There are nine different types based on your most basic personality. The idea is that everyone is born with their dominant type.

This continues in deeper and more complex parts of your unconscious. You can even have a “wing” with an adjacent guy, which means that you borrow some traits from that personality. However, the basic rule of Enneagram is firm: a person’s personality does not change from one type to another. Kaeleigh detailed these nine basic personality types in great detail, with a gorgeous ring to go with them. (Enneagram descriptions come from the Enneagram Institute!)

Are you ready to learn more about your Enneagram type and see if we got your perfect engagement ring right? Let’s keep reading!

1. The Reformer: Solitaire Engagement Ring

Enneagram types as engagement rings
The rational, idealistic type: principled, purposeful, self-controlled and perfectionistic.

The Reformer’s mission to overcome moral adversity and pursue the highest values ​​makes the Solitaire engagement ring perfect for her. The solitaire setting is elegant but simple and humble. Finding a local jeweler to source the diamond and set the diamond is close to the heart of the reformer. The support of his local community would give them a great sense of utility in their community.

{Ring for the Reformer via The Diamond Reserve}

2. The helper: heirloom engagement ring

Heirloom engagement ringThe caring, interpersonal type: Generous, demonstrative, philanthropic, possessive.

A family heirloom engagement ring or diamond would be perfect for The Helper. This would give them a great sense of acceptance in the family they are marrying to know that their engagement ring was something that generations of love carried in their significant other’s family. If a family heirloom diamond or engagement ring is not available, some small diamonds or gemstones from a family jewelry can be incorporated into the engagement ring. The helper’s top priorities in life are love, closeness, sharing, and family, which makes an heirloom engagement ring perfect for her!

{Ring for the helper via Marrow}

3. The Achiever: three stone engagement ring

Engagement rings as ennegramsThe success-oriented, pragmatic type: adaptable, excelling, motivated and image-conscious.

The top performers are the STARS of humanity, successful, assertive, popular and motivate other people to have big dreams. The three stone engagement ring goes perfectly with The Achiever. The three stone engagement ring represents the past, the present and the future – everything that The Achiever considers its success. We see this engagement ring as timeless yet unique and exude the ultimate shine suitable for the fiancé shining star!

4. The individualist: emerald cut engagement ring

Emerald cut diamond ringThe sensitive, introspective type: Expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed and spirited.

Given the expressiveness of the individualist and the desire to express themselves through individuality, an engagement ring with emerald diamonds is important to them. The emerald cut is considered to be one of the most timeless bridal diamonds, but it is still unique and shows a sense of individuality in all viewers. An engagement ring with emerald diamonds exudes a special and rare beauty that sparkles the light in a unique way. He embodies individuality and embraces the rarest beauty of life like that of the individualist.

{Ring for the individualist via Etsy}

5. The Investigator: Lab Grown Diamond

Lab-grown diamond engagement ringThe intense, cerebral type: sensitive, innovative and isolated.

The investigator has a lust for complex thoughts and innovative ideas that make a lab-grown diamond engagement ring talk to its enneagram. The laboratory-grown diamond tells a story of the extensive innovative thinking of mankind – it emulates one of the greatest natural creations on earth, the diamond. When they share the story behind their diamond engagement ring they can share the knowledge of the science behind the Lab Grown Diamond which gives them the satisfaction of having a great deal of knowledge.

{Ring for the investigator over Catbird}

6. The Loyalist: Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphire engagement ring

The committed, safety-minded type: Engaging, responsible, fearful, and suspicious.

A sapphire engagement ring that represents loyalty is perfect for the dedicated and safety-conscious ways of the loyalist. The loyalist is very loyal to systems, ideas and beliefs, the mentality that “they will go down with the ship”. The sapphire engagement ring has historically been considered the most regal bride in the world, worn by Princess Diana and now Kate Middleton. The heavenly blue is a symbol of faith, hope and protection. The sapphire engagement ring will give the loyalist a sense of security in their life and give them the sharpest sense of love and commitment they crave.

{Ring for the Loyalist via Marrow}

7. The Enthusiast: Halo Engagement Ring

Halo diamond engagement ringThe busy, fun-loving type: spontaneous, eclectic, distractible and scattered.

The Enthusiast’s playful and extroverted mentality makes the Halo engagement ring perfect for her exciting mind. The Halo engagement ring offers a HUGE shine to be worn by the most enthusiastic brides! Halo engagement rings can be designed traditionally or in a creative and spontaneous way. Given the enthusiast’s most basic desire for their needs to be met, a halo engagement ring is sure to be missing, literally putting the excitement of love, engagement, and wedding planning in the palm of your hand.

{Ring for the Enthusiast via Etsy}

8. The Challenger: Oblong cushion-cut diamond

Enneagram type as an engagement ringThe powerful, dominant type: Confident, determined, willful and confrontational.

The elongated pillow cut diamond engagement ring gives a bold and powerful bridal look! The challenger’s confidence makes this bride perfect for her. An oblong cushion cut diamond is rarer. Finding a diamond of this shape requires a sense of assertiveness and ingenuity and embodies all that The Challenger has to offer. The look of this style engagement ring is wild and bold, which makes the diamond with the elongated pillow elegant yet strong!

9. The peacemaker: old mine-cut diamond

old mine-cut diamond engagement ringThe Easygoing – Self Effacing: receptive, reassuring, agreeable and complacent.

An old mine-cut diamond engagement ring is worn like no other than the peacemaker’s hand. The peacemaker wants to leave things as they are. Ancient mine-cut diamonds were cut by the naked eye and by hand before modern cutting technology was cut in the 19th century. Many times today these diamonds are cut back into the most coveted modern brilliant round. The peacemaker would enjoy having this diamond kept alive as an old mine-cut diamond. Old mine-cut diamonds convey a sense of spirituality because of their history and their previous viewers. The peacemakers are spiritual seekers and will surely look into their Old Mine Cut Diamond for the excitement of a spiritual tale of timeless romance.

{Ring for the Peacemaker via Etsy}

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