Essentially the most requested Airbnb leases in every state

Stop what you are doing because we have THE most wanted Airbnb rentals to get your vacation dreams going for 2021! Tired of a short vacation after almost a year at home? Airbnb shared the news that wanderlust is back in fashion and everyone is talking about the perfect dream escape. In fact, we’ve just shared the world’s most unique Airbnbs, which we think are worth the trip this year!

However, if you have your sights set on something closer to your home, this list of the most popular Airbnb rentals in each state is for you. (Including DC!) Whether it’s a fairy tale castle, a cozy tree house in the woods, a cozy cabin, or even a giant potato, you’ll find the perfect Airbnb stay below! Save these rentals on your own wish list. When you can travel safely again, your adventure can begin!


Most wishlist Airbnb in Alabama
Fairy tale book Castle BnB | from $ 96 / night

Start the list with a fairy tale castle, which is a registered historic home in Alabama. Not only can you make all your princess dreams come true by exploring the grounds of not one, but TWO castles on site. You’ll also like to know that tenants donate a portion of guest payments to help families displaced by natural disasters.


The cozy log cabin in Alaska | from $ 85 / night


Most loved Airbnb in Arizona
Navajo Hogan River Experience | from $ 150 / night

This one-room house on earth is called Hogan and offers an off-grid living experience with the western Navajo nation. The tenant describes it as follows: Many ceremonies have taken place and many blessings / songs have been performed here in order to maintain balance and harmony with Mother Earth.


87 Escape Treehouse Escape | from $ 175 / night


Best Airbnb in California
The Pirates of the Caribbean from $ 202 / night

Grab your gear and enjoy the waterfalls, ponds and tropical surroundings of this property. It is the perfect experience for those who dream of the pirate’s life.


Airbnb with the most requests in Colorado
Rocky Mountain Treehouse | from $ 324 / night

This handcrafted tree house sits on a 2 acre cattle ranch and offers tenants access to a wood burning stove, rock shower and balcony hot tub. Renters describe it as a magical + peaceful getaway!


Geodesic dome in the forest | from $ 49 / night


First little house in the first state | from $ 125 / night


Most Loved Airbnb in Florida
Treehouse in Danville | from $ 180 / night

As one of the most unique tree houses in the United States, this rental features fun touches designed with local materials like a classic 1926 fire tower staircase from a local fire tower and a spectacular hot tub made from a DC 10 engine cowling.


Best Airbnb in Georgia
Secluded tree house | from $ 389 / night

According to their rental site, this tree house is Airbnbs’ No. 1 of the most wish-list properties in the world! That is indeed high praise! We can see why with its southern charm, natural surroundings and three rooms inspired by body, mind and spirit. You can find a detailed description of the individual areas under the link above!


Most Wish Listed Airbnb in Hawaii
Kona’s 1st luxury tree house with sea views | from $ 398 / night

The Kukui Treehouse is located on the Big Island of Hawaii and offers 3 acres of lush tropical grounds and breathtaking ocean views. The builders placed great emphasis on comfort and luxury, so this is a perfect honeymoon stay!


Most loved Airbnb in Idaho
Big Idaho Potato Hotel | from $ 165 / night

Would you believe us if we said this adorable boho setting is inside a giant Idaho potato? YES – a 6 ton potato has been turned into a dreamy farm on 400 acres. You will get your own pet cow for your stay and a cozy silo bath and shower!


Best Airbnb Rentals in Illinois
Ryan’s Place Cabin | from $ 85 / night

Ryans Platz is a restored cabin from 1865 and offers views of the countryside on a farm that is over 100 years old. Bring you the calm mood!


Bird song barn | from $ 221 / night


Rural Coon Rapids Cabin | from $ 189 / night


Cozy cabin retreat | from $ 81 / night


Eagles Nest Treehouse | from $ 153 / night


Historic Engine 24 New Orleans Firehouse | from $ 944 / night


Most Wish Listed Airbnbs in Maine
The canopy tree house | from $ 395 / night

Canopy Treehouse is a tiny house in the trees with all the comforts of home. Enjoy peaceful mornings, bird singing and kayaking across Littlefield Pond. The owners took special care to implement environmentally friendly elements and materials!


Cove Point lighthouse keeper’s house | from $ 401 / night


Most Loved Airbnb in Massachusetts
The pond house | from $ 310 / night

Get the feeling of sleeping outside in this rustic, screened-in home in the country. Fall asleep, feel a light breeze, look at the stars and hear all the sounds of nature around you.


Best Airbnb Rentals in Michigan
Fernside A-frame | from $ 236 / night

Stay in a classic and charming A-frame cabin in the trees. Located on the banks of the Sturgeon River, this property allows you to hear the calm sounds of the rushing water while enjoying the surrounding wildlife.


NE MPLS Magic Studio in the Wolfshaus | from $ 214 / night


Eco beach house in the trees | from $ 124 / night


Forest garden yurts | from $ 150 / night


Meadowlark Treehouse at the Montana Treehouse Retreat | from $ 399 / night


Lazy Oaks Glamping | from $ 71 / night


Airbnb with the most requests in Nevada
The Peacock Tiny House | from $ 110 / night

This tiny home is an hour outside of Las Vegas on a dude ranch that features horse riding, cattle drives, and rodeo events. As the owner says, enjoy the tranquility of the Mojave Desert and gaze at the sea of ​​stars!

New Hampshire

Treehouse in the Shire | from $ 113 / night

New Jersey

Cavalier Farm Stay | From USD 1,300 / night

New Mexico

Casita Don Gaspar | from $ 100 / night

new York

Most loved Airbnb in New York
Willow Tree House | from $ 360 / night

Stay in a state-of-the-art tree house, which was featured in our roundup of the best Airbnb rentals for fall. The Willow Treehouse is nestled among the trees overlooking a small, swimmable pond in wooded grounds 15 minutes from Woodstock town. It’s cozy and has everything you need for cooking, reading, relaxing, or swimming.

North Carolina

Best Airbnb in North Carolina
Luxurious secluded romantic tree house with jacuzzi | from $ 307 / night

This cozy rental was also featured on our favorite Airbnb roundup on the magical tree house! A delightful swing bridge welcomes you to a quiet house in the trees. Listen to the birds while you have your morning coffee on the deck or relax in the hot tub below!

North Dakota

Lamppost 15 | from $ 82 / night


Most wishlist Airbnb in Ohio
Treehouse Village – The Box | from $ 182 / night

Stay in the woods in this cool shipping container! There is one bedroom with a queen bed and an air mattress to accommodate two additional guests. At the end of the living area you are surrounded by huge windows that look up into the tree tops!


Scenic Mountain Lodge at Sardis Lake | from $ 229 / night


Most Loved Airbnb in Oregon
Majestree @ Out ‘n’ About Treehouse Treesort | from $ 194 / night

A tree house for 6-7 people sounds like a good time! This rental is located 47 feet above the ground and is only accessible by stairs and hanging bridges. Enjoy a peaceful experience while having access to the Main Lodge and the Illinois River outdoor pool.


Secret escape in a wooded area | from $ 249 / night

Rhode Island

Farm on the coast | from $ 50 / night

South carolina

A pirate’s life for me houseboat | from $ 180 / night

South Dakota

Best Airbnb in South Dakota
Hut on the Green Mountain | from $ 179 / night

Visit a tiny mountain town in the scenic Boxelder Creek valley halfway and stay in this beautifully restored 1910s building. There are plenty of beds, games, and amenities for a group vacation near the Black Hills.


Dreamy Little House Cottage | from $ 99 / night


The most wanted Airbnb in Texas
The extraordinary tree house | from $ 273 / night

An exquisite, handcrafted home that combines Bauhaus contemporary with warm rustic elegance! Find peace by a babbling brook in a Japanese maple forest near Dallas.


Most loved Airbnb in Utah
Dreamy tree house over Park City | from $ 196 / night

Visit this one of a kind tree house built around a 200 year old fir tree at an altitude of 8,000 feet! Stunning architecture, large glass windows and a terrace offer a breathtaking view of the Uintas.


Best Airbnb in Vermont
Tanglebloom Cabin | from $ 91 / night

Experience an unforgettable and unique stay in a handcrafted open-air sleeping cabin. Nestled in a wooded grove on the owner’s flower farm, you can comfortably immerse yourself in nature and relax in peace!


Best Airbnb in Virginia
Dream Rock Silo | from $ 195 / night

Those looking for unique rental properties will love staying up in a silo! Embedded in a dairy from the 1950s, you get a 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains and valley.


Underground Hygge | from $ 292 / night

Washington, DC

Modern 1 BR on the historic Logan Circle | from $ 89 / night

West Virginia

Custom made small house on 23 hectares of forest | from $ 235 / night


Off-Grid Inn – Unit 1 | from $ 231 / night


Airbnb with the most requests in WyomingHeart Mountain Japanese Hut | from $ 150 / night

This charming home is on a 400 acre organic farm. Enjoy peaceful nature walks and unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape and the mountains of the Big Horn Basin.

There you have it wanderlust dreamer! The most requested Airbnb rentals in each state. Did you find one near home? If you’ve already started planning, we’ve come to the right place!

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