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Oct 20

What Event Production Services Does On Tour Events Provide?

Event Production Services in London

Before you hire an event production company, you’ll probably want to know what you’re paying for and what exactly goes into event production services. There are many misconceptions about what goes into event production.

Clients are shocked when they uncover the sheer breadth and depth of services we offer (we tell everyone that we are all-inclusive event services for a reason!). We’ll go into a little more detail about those services in a second but, in short, our job is to ensure that the vision you have for your event becomes a reality, and, if you want us to, to run things in the background on the day to ensure that’s the case.

So whether you are new to the events industry or you just haven’t worked with us before, here is a rundown of what event production services are, which of those services (hint: it’s all of them) we provide here at On Tour Events, and why we are one of the best companies in the business!

What Are Event Production Services?

Event production is made up of anything about an event that is even slightly technical in nature. In other words, it pretty much refers to equipment and support services that are associated with the design and build or your event rather than decorative or styling. It’s about providing sound, lighting, design, video, and more to create the overall atmosphere of an event and influence the moods and emotions of those attending.

What it is not is providing flowers to a wedding or outfits to performers. Instead, we build the overall infrastructure that makes events tick.

We work with you to identify your event’s concept, and then we get all the logistical and technical components sorted for you. The best event production outfits (we reckon that we’re not half bad) take the planning of an event and transform it into a memorable and effortless experience for you and your guests.

At least that’s what we aim for here at On Tour Events, and we’ve yet to let anyone down.

Event Planning, Project Management, and Coordination

The administrative and planning work can be the most stressful elements of pulling off a successful event such as a wedding or a conference. We help you during this period by handling everything (once we’ve run through what you need from us first, of course) on the event production side.

This frees up time for you, the event organisers since you can relax safe in the knowledge that we are busy taking care of everything on the technical side and ensuring the event is correctly set up and executed.

We can also help you with red tape that surrounds larger events. We can help you by providing health and safety documentation for assets such as outdoor stages, supplying proof of public liability insurance, handling communications with local councils and regulatory bodies, and liaising with the venue for access and logistics.

Our job is to help ensure your event is planned efficiently and in the most cost-effective way possible. This is made easier by the industry connections we’ve made over the years and the resources we have on hand. If something is beyond the scope of our services (such as arranging floral bouquets), we’ve been doing this so long that we can almost certainly point you in the direction of a reputable firm who can help.

Many things can go wrong at an event. But, we have the employees, procedures, and technology to control each part of the event production and ensure your experience with us is nothing but silky smooth. We take a proactive approach, test everything several times, and have backups on standby should the worst happen.

So, project management aside, let’s tell you a little bit more about our London event production services themselves.

Audio Visual Services London

There’s no doubt about it; audio visual (AV) services are crucial when it comes to engaging your audience. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a private birthday celebration or a leading industry conference; you should be aiming for nothing less than immersive sound and stunning visuals.

Long gone are the days of the simple projector, screen, microphone, and speaker setup. Today, to create an immersive AV installation, you need all aspects of audio and visual equipment to give your event the “wow” factor.

Thankfully, that’s precisely what we provide.

Yes, we can provide all of the above such as London projector hire, and PA speakers for all kinds of occasions. But it goes much deeper than that. We can supply industry-leading LED screens with 3.9mm pixel pitch for crystal clear clarity, and don’t forget our massive array of event lighting options, including specialist stage lighting hire.

No matter the AV requirements for your event, we can both supply and install them. Over the past 20 years, we have provided technical AV production services for more than 1000 events. From national awards shows at prestigious London venues to international UFC fight nights at the O2 Arena, we’ve delivered our exemplary AV services to the UK’s biggest and boldest events.

The equipment we use is entirely from our own stock, and we only purchase the most reputable brands to add to our existing inventory. Everything is double-checked before it leaves the warehouse, serviced at least every six months, and replaced every three years. No other London-based AV hire services company can boast the same level of equipment care.

Now we’ve covered our core London AV hire services, let’s talk about the increasing vital services of video production and live streaming.

Video Production Services for London Events

Creating and encapsulating your event in videos is becoming increasingly popular. And it’s not just for private personal celebrations such as weddings or obvious use cases such as televised events such as awards shows either. Expos, trade forums, and industry conferences are all getting in on the lights, camera, and action! (Sorry, we couldn’t resist!

It’s not without good reason. You see, having a video produced from your event can actually provide an excellent return on investment since it can be repurposed and reused countless times. For instance, you could use footage from last year’s event for an advert promoting this year’s iteration. Or perhaps you could use video recordings taken from your exhibition and use them for in-house training for your sales employees. You can also utilise videos in all sorts of marketing campaigns to encourage engagement with your company.

With an event production company such as On Tour Events, you can have your event professionally recorded and available to use for archival purposes, training, broadcasting, or social media pages.

Depending on your event’s goals, the footage can be given to you raw or expertly produced. Recording a live event requires a significant amount of experience and skill. You need to know how to get the best shots when people are moving, mix the audio when someone doesn’t speak clearly into the microphone, and ensure the lighting is bright enough for filming purposes.

Making an event easier to film and broadcast is something we pride ourselves on. With years of experience, we know precisely which lighting setups to use, which situation calls for wired or wireless mics. To top it all off, we have links to some of the best producers and editors in the business to polish the final product

Web Streaming / Video Conferencing / Live Broadcast Services London

Speaking of broadcasting, live streaming has become a necessity for events moving forward, and it’s not just because of the pandemic.

As we’ve explained previously, live streaming opens a whole new world of opportunity for events. Venue costs can be slashed, you can repurpose your live-streamed content into an on-demand resource, and you can reach previously unimaginable numbers of virtual attendees. Many local and “small” in-person events have managed to attract over 10,000 online visitors, thanks to the power of live streaming. So if you’ve been on the fence, it’s time to get on board! Need more information about the live streaming option On Tour Events offers? See the Live Streaming Packages we have here.

We know how to optimise every facet of the live streaming process. From choosing the right camera recording equipment to helping your live stream to look as professional as possible, we are an end-to-end solution when it comes to live-broadcasting your in-person or virtual events. The best part? We also provide an exclusive-use live streaming studio! Talk about all-inclusive!

While we’re on the subject of making your event production more professional, your event production will cover aspects of your event that aren’t perhaps as technical as the AV services mentioned above but are every bit as necessary, such as stage hire and set design.

London Set Design and Staging Services

There’s a reason it’s called “setting the stage.” In tandem with your audio and visual features, your stage or set sets the whole tone of your event. Our creative set design team can bring your vision to reality to a whole host of different types of events including but limited to weddings, awards ceremonies, charity fundraisers, local community events, or corporate conference.

We have several “off the shelf” modular set systems that can be completely customised with your branding. Alternatively, our custom set design team can create something totally unique from scratch, and we can subsequently manufacture it for your event.

Regarding our London stage hire services, we have an enormous range from which to choose. You could opt for small, understated carpet conference stages or go all out on large, customised tiered staging. We also offer covered outdoor stages for those of you brave enough to hold your events in the Great British outdoors.

Should you wish, you can even view your set design and staging before the event happens with our cutting-edge 3D render technology so you can see if it’s what you had in mind before we get started. Of course, we will then happily work through any changes with you so that your set is nothing less than perfect for your event.

Event Production Support Services

We couldn’t let you leave without mentioning the people behind the scenes. After all, they are essential to ensuring that both large and small events can run smoothly. Even just putting up your set requires logistical planning and coordinated effort. Whatever event support services you need, we provide all manner of staff on the ground to support your event on the day.

Our sound engineers can take care of all audio equipment setup aspects, oversee any rehearsals and sound checks, and take control of the mixing desk for the evening should you want a hand during the event itself.

Our stage crew operate like a well-oiled machine while set and stage building and will have your space transformed and ready for guests in no time. Meanwhile, our lighting technicians ensure that the hired event lighting sets the intended mood, that there’s sufficient lighting for recording or streaming the event, and that your set looks exactly as you envisioned.

They have over 100 years of events experience between them, and we firmly stand behind them as the best in the business. They’ve never let us down, and we couldn’t be prouder of the work they’ve achieved thus far.

Why Choose On Tour Events for Your Event Production Services?

We'll think you'll agree that when it comes to event production services for London and the surrounding areas we’ve got you more than covered. By making us your event production services partner, you can focus your finite resources on other important aspects while we’re busy in the background pulling all of the different elements of event production together for you.

We are also on hand to provide advice, help you through the creative design process, and supply personnel on the day (or night) of the event to oversee the smooth operation of all technical equipment.
Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss what you think you might need for your event production, and our friendly team will be more than happy to help you convert your initial vision into the real thing!
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