Family portrait prompts

My family portrait prompts are the secret to real, natural family portraits, even when time is limited! My favorite posing prompts are essentially limited to one of six pick-up points, four of which are key points that I absolutely must get through in an hour-long session.

Before we can go to each pickup point, a clear vision for picking up and understanding the light is vital. Sign up for my All About Light and All About Flash courses for a step-by-step breakdown of my lighting system, real-life troubleshooting examples, and bite-size lessons to refer to quickly before a shoot.

I developed Pick Up Points as a posing system that eliminates the need to save long lists of poses. Instead, I can focus on engaging with my clients and having fun together to create lasting and real expressions!

Check out my interview on Rangefinder to see how this system came about – Caroline Trans Posing Pick Up Points for Family Portrait Photography: Free Webinar.

The 4 most important pick-up points that I absolutely have to go through are:

1. Cake toppers

This is a stiff but good starting point as I don’t yet know all of the personalities. I tell everyone to pretend they’re lying on a cake. Imagine just creating small figurines of them and placing them on top of a cake. How cute is that

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2. Walking / running

That’s exactly how it sounds! Make them run or run for a fun, high-motion pose.

3. Cheek to cheek

Cuddle up close!

4th Prom

Let’s bring it back to the old school! Show me your best traditional prom pose.

Remember, these posing cues are not set in stone, but are intended to inspire. Have fun with them! You can resort to them or jump forward with them if you feel stuck.

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