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Hen Celebration survival and hangover kits

Bachelorette party bags and bachelorette party favors are by no means essential for a hen party, but they do add a nice and personal touch. Bachelorette party favors are small treats for the bride and bachelorette party guests.

They can help everyone survive the weekend at the bachelor party (e.g. water, a small bottle of prosecco, a snack, etc.). Chicken party bags or hangover kits are a great way to relieve the pain after a night out in the city or to take care of activities for the chicken day.

If you want to bring some hen party bags with you, here are some ideas for you. Remember, it's about quality, not quantity. Try to get things that the chicken guests and the bride will use again.

We have put together some ideas for you to choose from depending on your budget.

Hen party bags

These are the most popular Hangover kit bags. They are 5 "x 7" in size. They come in packages of 6 bags and the drawstring is included.

Check out the Regret Nothing Hangover Kit bags in our shop. We deliver worldwide.

Black and white is always a classic and timeless theme for stag or hen parties. It's also easy to coordinate and most women have a black item to wear. These black and white hen party bags are available from Etsy for around € 1 each.

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

White and gold is another timeless and stylish theme for stag or hen parties. These bags on Etsy are personalized and give the hen an even more beautiful and thoughtful touch. These white and gold hen party bags are available here.

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

Fabric hen party bags hold up well after the hen party weekend and can also be useful for the bridal shower at the wedding. On Etsy, you get bespoke fabric favor bags or gold-foil bags like this one.

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

These blushing pink and white Henne Party Team Bride bags are available in our shop and match our pink and rose gold Henne Party Accessories collection.

Team bride bags

We also have these white and gold I Do Crew hen party bags that are perfectly cheeky and classy for your hen party favors.

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

Hangover Kit Bags or Hen Party Survival Kits

For hen party hangover kit bags or hen party survival kits, you can use the above bags or get special and more specific hangover bags.

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

If you are on a tight budget, some simple paper bags work perfectly. Add a label, sticker, or fun note to them if you want a more personal touch. We have some inexpensive paper bags along with these gorgeous handcrafted hangover kit bags here.

Hen party favors and survival items

When it comes to what to put in the pockets, there are a few staples that are always a good idea – water, peppermint candy, some candy, and maybe some pain reliever. To give a personal flair, give everything a label, i.e. H. Put the brown bag labeled "Barf Bag" on it and add it with cute sayings written on scrapbook paper. Dead easy!

For bag fillers, our tip would be to have an outstanding product and a few other fun little things. Five or so items are enough. Do not feel pressure when the pockets overflow. Keep it simple and make sure that everything in your pocket is something that you can use at night or that means something to the bride.

Prosecco lip balm or maybe an alcohol-free taste! is a nice little hen that fits in your pockets. It is also something that the girls are sure to use again.

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

Hydration hydration! Water is probably the most useful thing to put in your party bags. We were recently on a hen and each of the guests got a personalized water bottle. OMG, best idea ever! Here is a link to those we received from Etsy. It really helped everyone stay hydrated. We all brought them with us when we went out for that day.

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

hydration-liquid-hen-party Image of wrapped up in rainbows

The Cure

When making your hangover hangover or survival kit, try adding something that the bride or guests may actually use again.
A funny sleep eye mask or a hotel-inspired sign that says "Do not disturb" in your kit is sure to be a winner. We love this on Etsy.

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

Hen Party survival and hangover kits

Sweet treats

energytablets3-e1416997380430 Image of wrapped in rainbow

A bachelor party is the perfect excuse to go crazy for sweets. Try packing something delicious to wash off with champagne whips. Why not pack:

(1) Mini love hearts

(2) Haribo jellies

(3) candy bracelets

(4) Lollypops

(5) Treat candy bars

The personal touch

Hen party photo ideas

A hen party bag is one of the best ways to add a personal touch to the night. All girls will really appreciate something thoughtful and unique. Things you might consider not to break the bank are:

(1) Mini photo albums. Try to fill the first page with a photo of the future bride and each guest. The blank pages can be filled with photos from the night.

(2) Small cards with wedding quotes – have a mix of funny and romantic words of wisdom.

(3) Write your own hen party poem!

(4) Think about things the bride loves and try to put them in your pockets in a small way. For my dinosaur-obsessed journalist beast, I used mini-dinosaur figures and cute pink notepads and pens.

(5) In the Hen Planner Boutique you will find the trendiest personalized items for stag and hen parties. Pretty badges and flash tattoos are the perfect addition.

Stick to the topic

Hen party bracelets

It's always a good idea to include something relevant to your bachelor party theme. Think outside the box here and nod fabulously at what the party goers can expect. Here are a few fun ideas:

(1) For a festival theme, ponchos or these cool bracelets are a great success.

(2) For pampering nights, nail files, mini-polishes or face masks are a great addition. Ask at your local perfume / beauty counter for free samples. Cozy Primark socks would also storm.

(3) If you're planning a little fun with the photo booth, put a different, crazy prop in each bag. Here you will find the perfect pack.

(4) Vintage for the night? A red Lippy would make a real statement!

(5) If you choose boho, get cheap chain or flower headwear.

Now you've sorted the fillings and make sure you get some matching beautiful bags. The Hen Planner Boutique has a large selection here. Think about the number of bags you need when deciding on your items. 30 lipsticks alone could break the budget, but for five guests a lip service could turn five lucky bags into VERY lucky bags!

Remember girls, nobody will expect expensive items. So stick to shops like Primark, Tiger and 2-euro shops and get real bargains online at Etsy, The Hen Planner Boutique and Ebay.

Have fun mixing and matching!

Below are other random ideas we found on the wonderful internet.

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