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How to host a display bridal shower

Have you ever been to a bridal shower that was run over in time just because it took the bride-to-be so long to open her presents? We know we have!

Or how about one where you had to take out bag after bag of gift wrap trash as you tidy up? Yes, we were there too!

What you may not know is that there is a solution to both of these pesky problems called a display bridal shower.

A display shower, also known as a “no wrap” bridal shower, is the perfect choice for brides who don’t want to waste time or paper.

Do you want to know how to do it? We’ve Covered Everything You Need to Know and More!

What is a display shower?

To put it simply: with a display shower, guests bring their presents with them unpacked, apart from a ribbon or a bow, with a label or label. These gifts will then be displayed for everyone to see!

While some may find this type of gift giving to be untraditional, a bridal shower allows the bride more time to interact with loved ones and less time “Oohing” and “ahhing ” over pots and pans.

If you’re still not sure if this is the right type of bridal shower for you, read on …

The benefits of a display bridal shower

We briefly discussed the benefits of display bridal shower orientation, but here are the following even more Reasons why we love this idea:

  • There is no need to stop the flow of the bridal shower for guests to gather and watch the bride open her presents.
  • Neither the bride nor her guests need feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable opening the gift.
  • Having bridal shower gifts on display for everyone to see can spark conversation between guests.
  • Whether you lead an eco-friendly lifestyle or are just looking for ways to reduce waste, a display shower eliminates the need for wrapping paper and gift bags.
  • In addition to wiping away unnecessary waste, display showers cut cleaning time in half.

Show shower invitation wording

Now that you are fully committed to displaying a display shower setup, this is the detail you need to bring guests’ attention to. You can do this by sending carefully worded instructions with your bridal shower invitations.

For some creative inspiration, here are some cute poems for the bridal shower:

“Your thoughtful gift is on display,
So there is no need to wrap it in any way.
A ribbon or a bow will do just fine.
And give us more time to visit and have dinner! “

“We open gifts in a different way,
To save some time on that special day.
Write your name and attach a bow
With your unwrapped present so that everyone knows.
Gifts are displayed for everyone to see,
So you have more time with the future bride. “

“Traditions change and so do showers.
We hope you have an idea here.
Bring your gift without paper or bag,
Just use a bow and attach a gift tag.
An unwrapped present is just as cute
And saves more time mixing and eating.
We show your gift for everyone to see,
So we can relax and honor the bride-to-be! “

How to set up and decorate the display

The first step in setting up your bridal shower table is the table itself. Since every gift needs to be visible (without moving or moving others out of the way), it is important to find a table or tables that are big enough to hold them all To receive gifts.

While it’s okay to put large or bulky gifts on the floor, try putting these items aside so guests can still maneuver around. And although this should go without saying, we will say it anyway: DO NOT put any presents under or behind the table.

As for decoration, it is up to you whether you want to put down a tablecloth or leave it naked. If you use tablecloths during the shower (e.g. on tables with food and drink), we recommend doing the same for the gift display table. If your tables are decorated like this, you can skip the extra step.

We also like the idea of ​​having a “Cards & Gifts” sign on the table for extra flair!

Additional advertisement bridal shower tips

Before you start the planning process, there are a few final points to keep in mind:

  • Without gift bags, you have nothing to take your gifts home with. Plan ahead and bring reusable bags to save yourself the extra drives to the car.
  • In the chaos of organizing and stacking gifts, some tags or labels may no longer come out of their packaging. Avoid this by having a specific “gift recipient” organize the ad.
  • There must be at least one or two guests who forgot to label their gifts in the first place. Buy additional labels and string (plus a permanent marker!) So that you can apply your label right away.
  • No matter how finely you put it, there may be guests (most likely older and more traditional) who are offended by this type of shower. Take a special time to open their gift in front of you and say thank you.

Still undecided if this is the right type of shower for you? You can find more gift ideas in our article “How to make opening bridal shower gifts less boring”!

How to host a display bridal shower

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