How To Stay In The Second On Your Wedding ceremony Day

We’ve all been told by brides of weddings’ past that your big day will fly by so quickly and before you know it, you’re laying on a beach, enjoying your honeymoon, and wondering whether or not the wedding actually happened. So, how do you make sure to savour every single moment of your big day instead of blinking and missing the whole thing? These are our top tips on how to live in the moment on your wedding day.

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Bride’s Little Helpers…

The first step to ensuring you can truly live in the moment at your wedding needs to be put in place before the big day even arrives. That step is delegating! Your nearest and dearest are going to be so eager to help ensure that everything about your wedding is completely perfect, so let them! Assign anyone who’s willing to help with a job to do on the big day to help lighten your load and minimise the number of trivial tasks and issues that you have to stress about. That way, you’ll know that your wedding day to-do list is in safe hands and your main job can be focusing on being present and enjoying each and every moment.

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Morning Rituals…

When the big day finally arrives, just act normal! Start your day with your regular morning rituals and take the time to go through your day-to-day routine. If you’re in a state of planning chaos on the morning of your nuptials, then it’s likely that your entire day is going to get swept up by wedding fuelled mayhem! If you usually start your day with a walk or a 30 minute yoga practice, don’t throw those morning rituals away just because you’re getting married later on. Start your morning with some much needed self-care to increase your chances of maintaining a clear head all day long, which will help you be present during the celebrations.

Going Offline…

One of the biggest distractions begging for our attention these days is our phones. Even checking your phone briefly to read the lovely text that’s just come in to wish you well for the big day is a sure-fire way to distance yourself from what’s actually going on around you at your wedding. To avoid this distracting temptation, give your phone to someone else for the whole day and focus on the here and now. Although the idea of going a whole day without a phone might be distressing for some brides, it’ll definitely be worth it when you’re able to fully immerse yourself in what’s going on around you at the wedding. So, don’t worry about any missed selfie opportunities…after all, that’s what your photographer is for!

Body Fuel…

One of the most important steps in being able to soak up every moment of your wedding is keeping your body fed and hydrated! There’s nothing worse than being in a conversation with a relative you haven’t seen for ages and all you can think about is your raging headache. Or, the moment your stomach lets out a huge grumble right in the middle of your vows. So, although you’ll be nervous and food might be the last thing on your mind, make sure your body has everything it needs to keep you going because it’s going to be a big day.

Look Around…

It may sound obvious, but it’s important to make sure that you take time on your wedding day to look around you. Look at the people who have come to support you and your new life partner and try to remember the looks on their faces as you walk down the aisle and stand at the altar. Listen to your senses and think about all of the things you can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste throughout the day to keep yourself present and strengthen the memories you’re making. It can be easy to let everything around you become a blur on your wedding day so take time to simply look around and take a million mental images.

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The Newlywed Moment…

One of the most common things we hear from newlywed couples is that they took a moment for themselves on the big day. Safe to say, it’s one of the best bits of advice we could share! This day is about you and your partner beginning your journey of married life. As much as the cake, and the guests, and the speeches are important, it’s crucial to remember that this day is about your love. Take a moment to sneak away from the crowds and just have a private moment as husband and wife. It’s the perfect chance to express your love and truly appreciate the beautiful wedding day of yours. Trust us, you’ll be glad you took that moment.

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