How To Uninvite Folks From Your Marriage ceremony (In The Nicest Method Attainable)

With COVID-19 restrictions limiting the number of people that can attend weddings, you might find yourself staring at your 150+ guest list with a knot in your stomach. How do you decide who makes the cut and who gets axed from the invite list? Read on for the ultimate guide to downsizing your wedding by uninviting people in the nicest way possible.

Virtual Wedding Guest…

One thing about 2020 that we will definitely remember is the hours and hours we spent on Zoom. However, while work meetings over the internet can be a total snooze fest, witnessing a wedding is always a sentimental experience whether it’s in person or through a computer screen. A lot of wedding venues are now offering the option to stream ceremonies on the internet, so talk to your venue to see if they can accommodate. If you’ve had to make some adjustments to your guest list, you can invite people who can’t attend the ceremony in person to join virtually so that they can still be a part of your big day.  That way, all of your original guests will still be able to enjoy the magic of your wedding!

Send A Message…

In lockdown, we’ve often found ourselves with nothing but free time. So, use that time effectively and send out thoughtful, personalised notes to each of the people that you’ve had to uninvite from your wedding due to restrictions. After all, a personalised message is a lot more heartfelt than a generic email blast! There’s nothing wrong with an email though, especially when it comes to stopping the spread of germs, but make sure that each email is super personal to its recipient. An alternative way of reaching out to people and maintaining a sentimental touch is through a phone call.

Save Another Date…

Even if you and your beloved choose to tie the knot with a small ceremony during the pandemic, you can still have a big party to celebrate when restrictions ease! You can explain to your would-have-been-guests that you’ve chosen to keep your wedding guest list strictly family and close friends only, but you look forward to celebrating with everyone when it’s safe to do so. That way, your guests won’t feel like they’ve been uninvited to the wedding because they will be there for the celebration when it takes place!

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Never Ending Celebrations…

If there are people on your original guest list who you want to celebrate your wedding with but you’ve already hit your maximum limit on your wedding invite list, propose an alternate celebration! Go out for a celebratory dinner, have a socially distanced but still uber fun picnic, or invite them to your house for champagne and nibbles. This year is all about adapting and hey, it’ll give you an excuse to celebrate your wedding over and over again!

Uninviting People From Your Wedding

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy…

This has been such a hard year for brides and grooms but remember, downsizing your wedding doesn’t have to be a bad thing! It can be an opportunity to have your absolute nearest and dearest surrounding you on your special day and not that random co-worker who overheard you talking about your wedding so you invited them along. Given the current circumstances, you’ll probably find that all of your guests are super understanding and the people that have to be cut from the big day won’t be offended. Plus, with a smaller guest list, you’ll also be able to work with a smaller budget. It’s all about looking on the bright side!

A Word To The Wise…

We have seen a few stories of couples uninviting in a not so nice way, and well, our advice is pretty obvious. Remember to be kind, considerate, and understanding. We know that you are upset about having to change your wedding plans, but remember that your friends and family will also be upset that they can no longer celebrate for you. Understand their frustration and sadness as much as possible – it all comes from a place of love. Also try to give them as much warning as possible as some people have have organised flights, accommodation or a babysitter.

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