Hyperlinks + Loves: A easy winter soup + No-Fail White Elephant Presents

Welcome to another edition of Links + Loves! Let’s jump right in …

It’s officially time to head out for the holiday season! Watch all movies. Eat all of the goodies. Do all FaceTimes. We have a few sweet surprises in store for you next week before we start our “Best Of” series to close the year. From the most popular wedding to our favorite dresses, there are a lot of good things to remember!

Here’s what you may have missed this week at GWS: First, we have a guide on how to set up your outdoor wedding, as this is where 2021 is coming and there are NO RULES. Second, if you need a little magic in your life, here is a fairy tale from a kingdom far, far away. And finally, regardless of your relationship status at the end of 2020 – just married? almost married? engaged? – there is a gem of it.

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Here are some things our editors have been loving lately:


From Jen:

I always want to make a book printed annually to remind myself of the past year and never have the time (told someone else?) Well, hoping that I can end the vacation this year! I use this company and love all of the beautifully designed covers they offer!

I just discovered this company (owned by a woman) while searching for gifts online this past weekend and was super excited to try out my do-it-yourself Boba order that just arrived along with this Matcha Latte Tea kit!

Are you looking for a feel-good vacation film? I really loved Godmothered on Disney +

From Jessi:

I’m always looking for new winter soup recipes. I just made this creamy Italian sausage and tortellini soup and it was delicious !!

With the sherpa coat trend going strong for winter, I grabbed this fluffy pink coat for $ 40! It also comes in black, beige, and blue.

For all my wavy / curly girls struggling with drought in winter, this product is my secret to keep my hair soft and protected from heat + UV!

From Katie:

Every year I bake goodies to hand out to the family, and although this year looks a little different, I will send my English toffee out instead. Everyone always wants more! And the recipe is pretty simple.

To my Swifties, do you still hear Willow on repetition? Or just me

Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s film, is available on demand and we saw it from the comfort of the couch. It’s an insane man!

From Danielle:

I am very interested in trying Martha Stewart’s CBD gums. I start with this sampler pack.

Every Christmas I discuss what to wear because I want to be super comfortable … but also cute for casual snaps. I get this patterned, cozy, oversized sweater that is as versatile as it needs to be on Christmas morning!

Also needed to include white turtleneck this winter. You know the kind of yarn that is so soft it’s like a cloud? This is what this sweater is made of.

I saved up for our bathroom remodeling. It’s like spring in a carpet !!

If you haven’t experienced a hot chocolate bomb before, you need to work out some time ASAP. Don’t use warm weather as an excuse … it’s cocoa time!

From Britt:

I pretty much think of myself when it comes to choosing white elephant gifts that everyone will love. Last year I wrapped this cutie (paired with this, this and that – such a winner). This year I am giving this and that together!

If you need a new show to binge, I really, really love The Flight Attendant on HBO Max. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you (again) to see Ted Lasso – by far the best I’ve seen in 2020!

I wish you the best of luck this season from us at GWS!

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