Hyperlinks + Loves: DIY Cheeseboard for Two + A $ 7 Face Oil

It’s time for links + LOOOOOVES. A special Lovey Dovey edition from us to you! Have you seen Jens “Valentine’s Cheeseboard for Two” role? Um, we’re totally crazy about the “I’m doing this for ONE” comments. First of all, self-care. Second, indulge yourself.

What do we think of Clubhouse in other social media messages ?! Katie invited our team and now we’re all a little bit obsessed! We still find out everything, but if you’re in the clubhouse and want to hang out, Jen (find her @grnweddingshoes) does a weekly Q&A! Have a fun chat with Jen + friends every Thursday at 3 p.m. EST! Next Thursday, February 18, she will talk to photographer Benj Haisch about the publication on GWS. So add this to your calendar too if you’re looking for tips on how to get featured on our website!

Jen was interviewed here for a fun interview!

Let’s do a quick recap of GWS favorites this week: the elopement dress that everyone flipped, THESE BOUQUETS, that pink dress and everything else with it, and 9 tips for a socially distant party. So much good stuff.

{Photo: Lauren Hope | Dress, Accessories & Styling: Untamed Petals | Bouquet: Idlewilde}

Here are some things our editors have been loving lately:


From Jen:

I’m NOT over the tie dye trend and this sweatshirt I got two weeks ago is my new favorite! (Plus it’s under $ 25 !!)

Have you heard of the house? They are aperitifs and their lower alcohol content (less than whiskey, more than wine) makes them perfect to sip all evening. Excited to try them out!

We decided to take some time this month converting our garage into a home gym! I’m so excited and I’ll be reporting more about the process in stories – and then the finished room here! Has anyone else built a gym in the last year? Any tips?

From Danielle:

Any real crime junkies out there? We just saw Night Stalker on Netflix. Very intense, but very good!

Winter was tough on my skin, but I just got this Marula Seed Face Oil from Trader Joe’s and I was blown away. A clutch face oil specially made for dry skin types that easily sells for $ 100.

When we remodeled our bathroom, I got this house-shaped wall shelf and couldn’t be happier! It’s the coolest shelf I’ve ever owned.

In honor of Black History Month, Target launched Black Beyond Measure, which celebrates the black creators. There is a designer, Jena Holliday, who has some stunning magazines for sale!

From Jessi:

I don’t know about you, but I’m already looking towards spring! I just grabbed a couple of pretty spring tops from Amazon, under $ 25 each. This blouse with bell sleeves on the front, this top with flowing sleeves and this floral top with ruffle sleeves.

Everyone loves rustic ceramics right now, so I just got these pretty jugs from Target to decorate my kitchen!

What dessert do I make for Valentine’s Day? That strawberry tiramisu! It’s so easy and the perfect alternative if you’re not a coffee person.

From Katie:

I recently purchased some new skin care products and redeemed some points for a travel size of this First Aid Beauty cleanser – so far it has helped with redness around my cheeks!

I haven’t painted my nails in a while (I know!) So I’m picking up some new colors to get excited. Love Olive & June and all the colors they have!

Disney + released Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella (with Brandy) so yeah … impossible things happen every day !!

I also watch WandaVision on Disney + and it’s wonderfully weird and interesting for Marvel fans!

From Britt:

Well i found it. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for yourself.

How do you sleep these days I started either taking or sipping one of these before climbing into bed with a book and drifting off. It was such a sweet, calming ritual to end the day.

For other Liz + Darcy fans, this ambient visual soundtrack will take you to a beautiful cliff whose skirts are instantly wind-whipped.

I ordered this box of framed floral postcards to send happy mail to friends and family!

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear ones!

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