Hyperlinks + Loves: Reasonably priced Artwork + We tried the brand new mattress linen from Goal

Welcome to another issue of Links + Loves! Let's get started right away …

Did you see this wedding? The flowers alone had our jaws on the floor. And if you've ever dreamed of building your own wedding venue, this is the inspiration you need.

We hope everyone is in there this week. Wear these masks (sweet here), keep your immunity and keep the mood going … we'll do it !!

And if you need a good distraction, here are some things our editors have loved lately:


Do you need new shorts for summer? These are in my shopping cart.

With all the cooking and chopping vegetables at home, I found this bench scraper that you can use to scoop up your chopped food and also use it to shape dough!

For wedding photographers (or wedding sellers), this article was a good read on how to avoid tokenism in your portfolio.

Always looking for great art at home and these oversized prints fit IKEA frames! Affordable and lots of options from real artists. (The above art is by Victoria Bradley and can be seen in Shavonda Gardner's house.)

We just bought these terracotta slabs from Target's new Casaluna line and they are SO soft.

This steam wiper changes my life. If you have wooden floors and hate wiping, your floor will also change.

So fascinated by Cocokind's new "Beauty Bevs" tonics. Order this sample package!

We saw Holey Moley, the ultimate mini golf show, and it's so fun. (The kids are now doing putt-putt classes in our back yard.)

I was wearing this marigold summer dress (which is currently on sale!) When I was working at a wedding this weekend and it was so comfortable + chic. Loved it!

Everything about the cold brew drinks now that it's warmer and we get these cold brew boxes from Amazon.

Does anyone else jump on the kaftan trend? These dresses are made for lounging around the house, and this pink organic cotton kaftan is as cute and comfortable as it looks!

We are planning a sea trip later this summer and bought this cute parasol – love an umbrella with tassels!

Have you tried making yogurt at home? This French yogurt recipe plus an InstantPot is a good, actually so simple and tasty.

My husband is Italian, so for us it is nothing more than authentic Italian coffee in our house. We use this coffee pot every day with our coffee.

Recently switched to this straightener and FINALLY mastered Flatiron Curls !!!

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