Ideas for skincare earlier than the marriage immediately from the specialists

Are there treatments or products that brides shouldn't use before their wedding?

"Basically everything you have never tried! I vividly remember my own wedding day. I had a facial 2 days before – a long pampering (beautiful) facial with all these wonderful smelling natural oils … Two days later on mine On the wedding day I woke up with the biggest pimple right at the tip of my nose. I was devastated! My skin was clear for a while until then, so I thought the forgiving new facial would be fine. The old saying "Better the devil you know , & # 39; totally applies here! "

Although there is no special skin care or treatment you should avoid, Gry recommends staying away from a large cheese platter before your big day! "We recommend that all of our brides stay away from dairy products and sugar as much as possible, as they are highly flammable and can cause acne breakouts, flare-ups, and eczema / dermatitis."

What kind of products would you include in simple skin care for the morning of the wedding?

"A mask! Our favorites in the clinic are the Acu mask, a sulfur clay mask – or, if you have had it before, the home enzyme mask. Drink plenty of water and use one for your skin Suitable foundation. No heavy moisturizers – replace them with moisturizing serums instead. My absolute favorite before the event is the DMK Firmatrix! It acts like a liquid filler and creates the most divine plump and smooth canvas that your makeup artist can work with my skincare routine when I got married! "

What are the advantages of continuing your skin care before the wedding, even after the celebrations are over?

"That's a great question! The frequency with which we see customers on their wedding day with their beautiful, radiant skin very happy – only to come back with new outbreaks and pigmentations months later because they let go of things, break our hearts! Keep it up Spiking your results is a lot easier than starting over. Healthy skin is a commitment – just like marriage. It's only forever if you take care of it. "

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