Indicators You Would possibly Be Having A Bridezilla Second

We know how stressful it can be to plan a wedding. Hello, there’s also a pandemic going on! Wedding stress has never been more real! There may be some little moments when you start to act a little irrational, or maybe a little demanding, aka, like a bridezilla. It’s ok, we understand. Truth be told, you might not even realise that you’re having a moment! We are here to walk you through the signs that you might be having a bridezilla moment, and how to handle it!

You’re Not Listening…

This is probably the first indication. Is someone making a suggestion that you aren’t acknowledging? Are you ignoring messages? Are you refusing to consider another opinion about your wedding? If you’re doing any of these, then you might be having a bridezilla moment! This doesn’t just mean that you’re not listening or acknowledging opinions about the wedding, but that you’re not listening to your loved ones about anything! Don’t get so swept up in the wedding that you stop listening to everyone about their lives, and their problems. Take a step back from the wedding stress and make sure you have proper, in-depth conversations with the important people in your life. As always, communication is key!

Groom Who?…

You’ve picked the perfect flowers, the most magical dress, the dreamiest flowers, and your dream day is coming together! Yet, your fiancĂ© has no idea what you’ve picked because you’re making all the decisions yourself. This is definitely a point where you need to stop and ask yourself…am I being a bridezilla to my fiancĂ©? Have I been excluding them from the process? Is he feeling a little neglected? Make sure you check in with him! After all, it’s his day too!

Signs Of A Bridezilla Moment

Forgetting to have fun…

Not only is planning a wedding meant to be fun, but life is still meant to be fun while you’re planning a wedding! We know it may be stressful and time-consuming, but life does go on. If you find yourself not seeing friends, always say no to dinner plans or picking wedding planning over socialising all the time, then it’s time to reevaluate. Make sure you take time away from wedding planning to enjoy life. If you don’t, we can almost guarantee stress and bridezilla moments!

Signs Of A Bridezilla Moment

You’ve Turned Into A Control Freak…

So one of your bridesmaids has mentioned wanting to dye her hair from blonde to black because it’s something she’s always wanted to do! Your first thought…’No, it will ruin the look of my bridal party!’. While your wedding is important, it doesn’t give you the right to control what your loved ones do. If you find yourself trying to control what others are doing, take a step back and remind yourself that they are people you love who are allowed to live their life!

You’re Expecting a Big Financial Commitment…

So you’re planning on having a bridal shower, hens weekend, designer bridesmaids dresses, AND kitchen tea. Now, we totally get that. It’s your wedding, celebrate it! When planning all of this, the cost of being a bridesmaid, or even a friend, can get pretty high. It’s crucial to consider that everyone will be in a different financial situation and affording those many events may be a little tricky. Make sure you avoid bridezilla moments by chatting to your bridal party about their budgets and what the financial expectations for the whole wedding experience are. Also remember to not equate money with love. If they can’t spend all that money, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you or want to celebrate your wedding!

Signs Of A Bridezilla Moment

There’s Such A Thing As Too Honest…

So a friend has shown you a wedding dress she thought you might like, but you think it’s awful. You could say ‘Thank you so much for showing me. I don’t think it’s exactly what I had in mind but let me show you some designs I do like’. Instead of saying that, you say ‘That’s so ugly. Hate it’. Your friend was just trying to help and now she’s feeling a little disheartened. Always be honest, but being too blunt is a big bridezilla mood. Always choose to be kind!

Signs Of A Bridezilla Moment

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