JaLisa And Cory’s Intimate Lockdown Marriage ceremony

J A L I S A   A N D   C O R Y

It didn’t take long for JaLisa and Cory to realise that they had found a forever love with each other. So, after almost a year of dating, Cory asked JaLisa to marry him and 5 days after that, they were husband and wife! JaLisa tell us exactly what it was like to tie the knot during a global pandemic and gives advice to other couples planning a lockdown wedding.

Instant Connection…

JaLisa and Cory were introduced through mutual friends and from their very first date, they were inseparable! “After we initially met in person, we both realized we’d had a few conversations on Instagram over the last few years, but we didn’t realize that until after the fact,” laughs JaLisa. The pair knew it was love when they spent every single day together and still couldn’t get enough of each other.

Lockdown Wedding

Surprise Proposal…

Cory decided that not even COVID-19 was going to stop him from proposing to the love of his life, so he enlisted the help of JaLisa’s family to pull off a super sentimental proposal. Cory hatched a plan with JaLisa’s dad to set up a family photoshoot to make sure they could get everyone together at the same time. “They said they wanted to take family pictures so my dad could submit them at work for a giveaway, and feature of ‘Families of Frontline workers’,” recalls JaLisa. “With me being a full-time influencer and always having my family in my photoshoots, I was a bit confused thinking, ‘we have tons of photos together, why is everyone so pressed about this picture?'” As soon as JaLisa walked through the door, everything became clear when Cory got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. “I was shocked,” shares JaLisa, “I figured due to the pandemic and everything being shut down, there was no way he could accomplish a special engagement or even get a ring during this time—but he definitely proved me wrong!”

Mission Impossible…

Once the pair were engaged, they couldn’t wait to get married…so they didn’t! JaLisa and Cory found themselves happily engaged with only 5 days to plan their dream wedding. So, how did they do it? “I think I was able to manage planning a wedding in such a short time because I had such an amazing tribe to help me through the process,” says JaLisa. Thankfully, the couple had already decided they wanted an extremely intimate celebration so they set about turning JaLisa’s backyard into a floral fantasy and were good to go.

Mission Accomplished…

5 days after Cory’s proposal, the happy couple tied the knot during an intimate ceremony with their nearest and dearest. “Even before the pandemic, neither one of us were interested in having a huge wedding,” shares JaLisa. The couple said “I do” surrounded by their parents with their closest friends and extended family present via Zoom. “We know and have seen so many people who plan these massive weddings and end up being stressed out throughout the entire process,” says JaLisa, “So we just wanted it to be extremely intimate and all about us.” JaLisa and Cory decided that instead of investing immense amounts of time and energy into one day, they’d choose to focus on their foundation, the start of their marriage, and setting themselves up for the future.

Lockdown Wedding

Dress Of Dreams…

JaLisa looked like an absolute angel in her stunning wedding gown. She wore the Orla gown by Grace Loves Lace which features 3D lace with a luminous pearl thread, a scalloped edge neckline, and a daring low back for a look that was completely classic and chic. “I just knew it was the dress for me because it not only complimented my shape but made me feel extremely beautiful and like myself,” says JaLisa.

Getting It Right…

JaLisa and Cory know there are a lot of couples that had to change their wedding plans because of COVID-19 so they have some advice for other couples considering a wedding during the pandemic. “When life happens, we have no choice but to adjust so just remember what’s truly important to you,” shares JaLisa. The newlyweds are firm believers that as long as you focus on the love and are able to share your happiness with the people closest to you, the frills and fuss can be sacrificed. The couple also shared their experience of having most of their wedding guests attend their ceremony via Zoom. “I don’t think it was too weird as we’ve totally adjusted to this new normal, and we were just thrilled that they could attend virtually!” This loved up couple proves that not even a pandemic can stand in the way of achieving a gorgeous wedding!

Lockdown Wedding

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