Korean custom for first birthday

The Korean tradition of the first birthday, also called “Dohl”, is an extremely important event for Koreans. South Korea only developed from a third world country into a flourishing economy in the late 1990s. It was affected by poverty and many babies died of disease before their first birthday. Hence, it was considered a major milestone for newborns to live to become one.

Today we celebrate Korea‚Äôs first birthday with the same gratitude. The baby’s first Korean birthday is celebrated with an event and / or photo shoot where beloved family and friends are invited to bless the one-year-old.

We are currently Call babies every February and March! We want to help you celebrate and record the greatest milestone in your baby’s life. Whether it’s an individual set created for your styled studio photo shoot / event photography, or just a set rental for you at a home party – we have everything for you! We prioritize and tailor the needs of each family.

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