KWP interns 2020: Introducing the kittens

This year was a little different for the KWP internship. For a while we weren’t sure if we could even have KWP interns this year. With COVID-19 popping up in everyday work, we weren’t sure if we should bring more people into the studio. After careful consideration, we decided to open applications, but only vag app download for a week. These girls were ready !!

The kittens

KWP interns 2020

We introduce: The kittens: Yuli, Tori and Hannah Youtube video in browsers. We are so happy that these three girls have been part of the KWP team for six months. They bring creative ideas, positive attitudes, and a great work ethic with them every day when on the studio adventure. They all worked diligently on their final-style KWP intern shoot, and we can’t wait to bring this to life! Look out for posts about this in the next few months! download!

They chose the name The Kittens because they were all related through the Netflix series “Tiger King”. They said we are the cool cats and they are the kittens (haha). If you haven’t seen Tiger King, you may not get this reference, but that’s fine! If you’re from Florida in particular, I highly recommend it!

We had a Christmas party where they decorated the studio for Christmas and each brought an ornament to add to the tree! The KWP interns do this every year, it’s tradition. We also have her wearing funny pajamas and doing a little photo shoot. We love how much fun these girls are having together. Former KWP interns (now employees) Kellen and Gabby got to be part of the fun too!

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