Learn how to Have fun Dol – Korean First Birthday Traditions

Curious about how to celebrate dol – Korean first birthday traditions? A modern dolsang is usually decked out with rice cake (dduk), birthday cake, desserts, jackdaw towers, and decorations, including the baby’s name and much more. Traditionally, however, the dolsang looked very different.

Red used to be the most popular color to decorate a dolsang. It was believed that the color red would keep bad luck away. The traditional 5-colored bags were also a popular item on the Dolsang, which represented a pulsating life. Another traditional item on the dolsang was dol towers. They were typically used for a 60th or 70th birthday celebration that signified lifelong achievements. However, it can also be used to represent future accomplishments.

An abundance of fresh and dried fruits was placed, representing a joyful life for the future children and the child’s family. And of course we can’t forget the rice cakes! Dduk stood for purity and a long, happy life.

Today we are seeing a lot of adjustments to traditional dolsang and there is no right or wrong way to set your dolsang. However, at Chook Celebrations, we focus on blending the timeless traditions with the modern aesthetic.

Our styled shoots contain all of the Dolsang setting items including dduk, cake, and cookies!

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