Legacy portrait photography

Legacy portrait photography is something that excites me. I took my first (and only) photography class in college and my teacher had a rule: No taking photos of your family or pets… So of course I went home and took photos of my parents, my dog ​​and my grandma! My parents and grandma are super camera shy, so it wasn’t an easy task. I made almost an entire roll of film with my grandma berating me for quitting.

Frame 26… I finally got that smile from her! I was so proud to have printed it and framed it for my mom and her sisters for Mother’s Day!

Years went by and I forgot … until I looked for something in her house and found the frame hidden behind her TV stand. I confronted her and she said that she and my aunts hate the photo … because I cut off the top of my grandma’s head.

I photographed my grandma in black and white film for years but NEVER made her smile again. Guess which photo is now in the front and centered with my parents after my grandma died! As my grandma neared the end of her life, I kept pushing my mom to take pictures with my grandma.

I was planning a big Mother’s Day shoot for my family this year and wanted to get my grandma out of her nursing home for the shoot. She wasn’t strong enough, but I let my (reluctant) mother shoot me and her sisters anyway.

It’s become a tradition since then and that’s how my Mother’s Day mini-sessions were born!

This photo of my mom was recently taken over New Years dinner and what I love is:
1. She loves my grandma’s portrait now
2. She didn’t fight me to take pictures!

She came on the way.

If you didn’t take updated photos with your parents, do it! If you want to avoid being in the photos, do it for your kids!

I’m preparing for this year’s Motherhood Mini Sessions and I’m not ready to announce them yet, but we sell out every year so WAITLIST now!

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