Links + Loves: Black Owned Brands at Target + You’ll love this acrylic skin care store

Welcome to this week’s Links + Loves!

We won’t waste time letting you know this Bridgerton inspired wedding ?! PERFECTION. Even if you’re not a fan of the show, we’re obsessed with the way the team behind the tag implemented the pop culture phenomenon in their own way and implemented it with creative enthusiasm.

Elsewhere on GWS: Women-Owned Companies to Buy and Happy Mail Subscription Boxes to Try. Plus, this real wedding was our most stolen of the week – it’s V pretty! And now we come to some loved ones!

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Here are some things our editors have been loving lately:


From Jen:

So much to love on this Southern California home tour – especially the tiles in the kitchen!

I’m in love with this clean tinted moisturizer that offers moist coverage and a sun protection factor.

In case you were wondering, the pandemic brain is real – and it explains why you can’t focus.

From Katie:

Theme parks in California could open as early as April 1st, so I ordered this Mickey sweater to feel something while I wait !!!

Just read A Court of Silver Flames, the latest in the Court of Thorns and Roses novel about fairies and magic! Best escape.

Given the interview with Meghan and Harry, we can all agree that if you are brave enough to ask for help, you should get it with the help of your circle. There are plenty of tools online when you’re ready to check, such as: B. Better Help, which offers online therapy.

From Britt:

On an unending mission to organize my life, it is time for my jewelry to have a real home. So I bought a jewelry box! This system is cool because you can add new pieces as your collection grows. The classic black looks so good on my dresser!

I also got this acrylic storage set for my skin care collection. I’ve spent too much time researching the best acrylic storage, and this one is really great – and quite big! Let my hours of research be a gift for you … just buy it.

Coffee lovers, come closer. We’ve had a subscription to Onyx Coffee Lab for a few months now and it’s the joy of my morning. Come for the rad packaging, stay for the super delicious coffee.

Have you seen what Cocokind is doing with their new packaging? The skin care brand is adding sustainability and formula facts to their products and it just feels like the way of the future. I tested a few items but am looking forward to something new because I FULLY SUPPORT THIS. I need a new vitamin C serum so I could start here!

From Danielle:

My favorite season: Girl Scout Cookie Season. Eat up friends! And if you’re craving those goodies in a week or so, check out this homemade samoas recipe!

These headphones are OFF THE HOOK. They have active noise cancellation and hear through sound. So when you walk on the street, you will hear outside noise. Safe + well-versed.

This disco ball hanging planter can’t get in the mail fast enough. I have the perfect ivy plant just waiting to get grooooovy.

Handy Ziploc bags, but make it fashionable … AND much better for the environment! These zippered bags are made from 100% platinum silicone and are BPA-free.

From Jessi:

Did you know that Target has an entire section devoted to black and black born businesses? You can buy it here!

They might sound old-fashioned, but heat rollers are great for creating voluminous curls with minimal heat damage. I just bought this set and I love them until now!

What is my favorite dessert when spring comes? That copycat Whole Foods Berry Chantilly Cake!

I’m obsessed with flowers, so this new throw pillow from Target (for only $ 25) was a must-have for me!


{Image via @Hamburgdaniahoi}

Have a nice weekend from GWS!

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