Links + Loves: We approve of these 90s hair accessories + a must have side turner

Welcome to this week’s Links + Loves!

This week we answered some urgent questions on GWS. Such as: How do you know what style of catering is right for your wedding? Who would have thought this type of lighting would be so noticeable? Is it time to dream of a comeback? And what if you send fluorescent paints back in time? Of course, all very important questions to think about.

Finally, one more question for you: Have you signed up to win a $ 100 Etsy gift card? We’re giving one away and all you have to do is fill out the form before March 26th.

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Here are some things our editors have been loving lately:

From Jen:

Drew Barrymore just released her new Beautiful collection which is simply stunning !! The most beautiful air fryer, blender, toaster + more!

The leggings that broke the internet are back in stock – and now in new colors!

20% discount on everything at Anthropologie this weekend! I’ve got these sandals and dress in my car – I’m ready for spring !!

From Britt:

I’m slowly adding my self-care / prep routine for the week on Sunday. This weekend I tried a full body scrub with this Dry Body Brush, followed by these Glycolic Acid 20% Resurfacing Pads before a long shower and a moisturizer (this is my favorite drug store). It was heaven! I can’t believe how soft my skin is! (Got inspiration here.)

Read this book: The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. Adeline picks up a bargain for immortality at the price of being forgotten day after day. 300 years later, a boy in a bookstore remembers her name. WHAT. It was so good. And even better because I personally cast Florence Pugh as Addie.

Get a dip in this $ 15 inflatable pool before it sold out like last summer! I grabbed a few to give away to nieces and nephews.

From Danielle:

This anthro slip skirt screams spring and I wear it for Easter. I haven’t come out of my yoga pants in a year, so I’m ready to treat myself to something special. (Comes in plus sizes!)

Butterfly clips are back ?! A fun accessory from the 90s that I find cool when I stick it in my hair. These butterfly clips are cute + come with cool matching clips that go with the whole mood.

I also love Target’s dog tail twist hair ties! Instantly elevates your ponytail when you’re short on time.

The current reading is oh so topical: The Art of Collecting by Priya Parker. It’s about how we meet and why it matters! You have to read; especially after the year of quarantine.

From Jessi:

My obsession with embroidered flowers continues! This shirt is everything to me!

I collect inspirational coffee table books and if you’re curious one of my favorites is “If I Could Just Tell You One Thing” by Richard Reed. Showing some of the most incredible people in the world is the most important piece of advice they need to share.

I’ve officially swapped out all of my home decor for a spring update. My new favorite piece? It is that!

I am struggling to keep houseplants alive – this is a big problem. I’m usually not a huge fan of artificial plants, but this artificial olive bush is a big winner!

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