Lisa Hamilton Shares Her Marriage ceremony Magnificence Routine

“I had a dermamelan pigment peel about 6 weeks before the wedding. This helped me to achieve even skin tone and a brighter, more glowing complexion for my big day.” Lisa tells us. In the months leading up to the wedding, Lisa also had enzymes and needling treatments to ensure her skin stayed breakout free and healthy! “A week before the wedding, I also went in for a facial to make sure my skin was super fresh!” the bride suggests.

What results were you wanting to achieve before the wedding?

“I felt like my skin was feeling a bit tired and I also had some markings from old breakouts that I wanted to clear. The depigmentation peel was amazing at bringing back that youthful glow, smoothing out my pores and removing blotches. It also helped to minimise breakouts.” the bride shared.

Lisa Hamilton

What skincare products did you use for your wedding?

Lisa worked with the wonderful team at HÜD Skin + Body to ensure she treated her skin in the best possible way! “I used my usual DMK routine given to me by my skin therapist at HÜD.” This included a DMK Milk Cleansing Face Wash, Pore Minimising Drops, Melanon Drops, Beta Gel, Vitamin C, and of course, Moisturiser.

Lisa Hamilton

Any skincare advice for future brides?

“I would definitely recommend booking into a skin facialist at least 6 months out to come up with a long-term plan. If you are going to do a big treatment or change your skincare routine do it at least 6 weeks out to give your skin time to recover and adjust.” the bride shared.

What is the biggest skincare lesson you learned?

Lisa worked with HÜD founder and Skin Clinician Gry Tømte in the lead up to the big day, who was able to guide her through the dos and don’ts of skincare! The number one piece of advice? “Don’t do anything drastic too close to your wedding day!” It’s all about the prep and practice and getting to know what works best for your skin.

Lisa Hamilton

Any recommended products?

Lisa has a few fan favourites to share! “I love using retinol to exfoliate my skin at night, it has made a HUGE difference in clearing my acne. I am also obsessed with Vitamin C gel which always helps brighten my skin and reduce redness and inflammation.”

Lisa Hamilton

Any recommended treatments?

“Absolutely! If you have never had an enzyme therapy facial then it’s a must-do. My skin always looks and feels amazing afterward.” Lisa shared.

Lisa Hamilton

What is your number 1 beauty secret?

Lisa was kind enough to share her number one beauty secret with us and it’s all about EFAs! “Take EFA tablets (essential fatty acids). These are nutrients that your body cannot manufacture so they need to come from your diet. They work to soothe and nourish the body, increase water levels in the skin, and improve its structural integrity and barrier function. You will definitely notice the difference!”. Of course, Lisa also recommends seeing the team at HÜD to make sure your skin is prepped and ready for your big day.

Lisa Hamilton

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Photography: Beck Rocchi / Makeup: Tess Holmes / Hair: Louka Hair Design 

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