Hen Party

Lockdown hen occasion concepts… (thanks Covid-19 Coronavirus!)

Send her a hen book!

Ask those who were invited to the hen party to send a nice or funny message to you. Photos are good too! Prepare them in a digital book online or stick them in a hen book (like one of our gorgeous hen party books). If you’re feeling more crafty in isolation try printing the messages and putting a DIY book together.

Throw a Lockdown Hen Party

Who says the party can’t go on?! Arrange a Zoom or Houseparty call for anyone who can make it. Tell the guests to have a drink (or a few) to hand and play some games and have hen fun virtually. Whether you all do face masks, drinking games or dares the hen party can still go on!  Send a box of decorations or hen party accessories to the bride to bring it to life.

Send the bride a gift

If she’s had to cancel her hen she’s probably feeling the disappointment. Surprise her with a little gift like a bride vibes candle or beauty products. Note. we’re not sure what the status of online orders / deliveries will be in the coming weeks but it’s worth considering! As a small business we are thankfully in a position to still be sending orders (safely) to our Irish customers.

Video messages

If the virtual party can’t happen, a step up from the traditional henbook is video messages. Ask the hen guests to record a little message for the bride and arrange for them all to be sent to the bride for a super special Netflix and chill session.

Rain check

This shall pass ladies. Hopefully in the not too distant future we’ll all be back to normal and #socialdistancing will seem like a socially distant memory. Think of some ideas for having the hen fun later on in the year. After time in isolation some adventures outdoors will be much welcomed by all so take a look at the normal hen party ideas pages for inspiration. Don’t forget to pick up some classy hen party accessories from our store when you do!


We hope this gets the creative bridesmaid juices flowing for alternative ways to celebrate the bride. If anyone has any advice or feedback on this article please share it with us. Stay safe all xxx

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