Make Your Engagement Photos Last a Lifetime!

Your engagement session planning is one of your most important decisions. The memories from your wedding day can be shared with the family for generations. There are many factors to consider when planning the perfect engagement shoot.

Find the right photographer

Start by searching for photographers who specialize in these types moments. Check out their social media profiles and gallery to find out if the images you are looking for match your requirements. Contact them by phone or email (or both!)

Engagement sessions should include intimate photoshoots, with a photographer you trust. To get a feel for what it’s like to work with each photographer, create a list and then contact them for pricing information, sample images, and other information. There should be a variety of photographs taken throughout the day. One example is that there may be shots taken in natural light while others will be shot with artificial lighting. Before you sign anything make sure this is in the contract.

Ask your photographer what the engagement package includes. This will allow you to know exactly how much your investment covers so that there are no surprise later when it comes down to choosing photos for your stationery, or any other items that may require photography.


Theme selection

Have you got a theme in mind for your engagement session. There are so many themes you can use to incorporate your engagement session. You should think about the date, time and location of your engagement session. Also, what colors do you like/dislike? It could be anything, from spring-themed beaches to mountain-themed events for those who live closer.

Picking the right location

Do you have a preferred geographic location in mind for your engagement session? Many couples wish to incorporate their favorite places into their engagement session. Some people enjoy including the city they met or the wedding venue they’ll be marrying – it’s your choice! It is possible to have engagement photos taken in parks during the summer or late spring. If you want to make these photos last longer than one-day, then we recommend that you pick locations with amazing scenery. There are many ideas for engagement photos. We think the best ones are made when you go on adventures together.

Engagement sessions can be taken anywhere in the world, provided that you have a photographer who’s willing to travel. It is crucial that the couple decides where they want to have their engagement photo taken so that they can share it with the photographer. There are many options. You can have your engagement session at home, on a hike, or near an iconic landmark. Keep in mind the time required for each location. You also need to know if this photography is best done in natural light. However, some photographers prefer using sunlight.

A time-line (and budget!)

A timeline is an important aspect of booking engagement photography packages. It will allow you to plan your schedule in advance and ensure you choose a time that’s convenient for both of you. We recommend scheduling the engagement session approximately six months before your big day, but it is possible to do so earlier or later depending on your preferences and availability.

Engagement sessions generally last between two and three hours. It also depends upon how many locations you wish to visit during an engagement session. Some people like to travel all day while others want less content to help them save money on their big day. This is something that you need to remember when deciding which package will be best for you. Most couples put their money toward photography packages because they know it will last forever.

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