Married Christmas: 2020 Ornaments for Newlyweds + Newly Engaged

Have you seen the 2020 dumpster Christmas decorations? You are exactly right! Even though this year was a sucker, a lot of people still celebrated big milestones. If you or someone you know got engaged or married this year; or, having postponed their wedding due to COVID, these holiday ornaments just might make for the perfect gift!

We’re all about personalization. While we searched for the best newly wed and newly engaged Christmas ornaments, we focused on fun, personalized, and oh-so-cute pieces. Inspired by friends to eucalyptus filled, here are our favorite ornaments for those who said “love is not canceled” by 2020!

BUY IT @ Etsy: Personalized Ornament Funny 2020

Truly an unforgettable year – especially for wedding planners! Remember the struggle and perseverance with this adorable etched ornament.

BUY IT @ Etsy: Just Married Ornament with Eucalyptus

I always love the handwriting, but especially this delicate design that is filled with dried eucalyptus!

BUY IT @ Macy’s: Holiday Lane Cake Topper

Remember all the sweetness that came out of 2020 with this little cutting cake topper!

BUY IT @ Etsy: Custom Quarantine Ornament

A true representation of weddings in 2020 – wonderfully masked! I love the personalization here too.

BUY IT @ Anthropology: champagne bucket ornament

There was a lot of champagne popping in 2020, which is why we really love this celebratory design (plus, pink!).

BUY IT @ Etsy: The One Where We Have Almost Married Friends Ornament

I’ll be there for you … at your postponed wedding!

BUY IT @ Target: engagement ring ornament

Bling bling with this ornament when you or a friend got a big stone in 2020.

BUY IT @ Etsy: Married During a Pandemic 2020 Ornament

Many, many newlyweds can relate to this feeling.

BUY IT @ Macy’s: Lenox 2020 Car Together Forever

A cute getaway car in beautiful Tiffany blue to remember a lovely 2020 celebration.

BUY IT @ Etsy: 2020 Engagement Ornament Our First Christmas

Here’s a rustic ornament for those who asked the question this year! We love the diamond ring 0!

BUY IT @ West Elm: celebration ornament

What a sweet ride! This “just married” getaway car even has the classic clink boxes on the back.

BUYT IT @ Zazzle: Minimalist Christmas Photo Ornament

A radical, modern + minimalist photo ornament – perfect for engagement photos or fresh wedding photos!

BUY IT @ Etsy: 2020 wood calligraphy wedding ornament

Cute laser cut wood calligraphy is all you need!

BUY IT @ Objective: 3 tier wedding cake ornament

Yum … do you remember the delicious wedding cake you ate this year? Seal the wonderful memory with a 2020 cake topper!

BUY IT @ Etsy: We’re Engaged Calligraphy Acrylic Ornament

Bring the modern calligraphy onto a trendy acrylic ornament for another cool look!

BUY IT @ Etsy: Our Christ Christmas Engaged Ornament

Sweet + easy!

BUY IT @ Etsy: Custom 2020 Stayed Home Ornament

We love these because they apply to everyone! “The year we all stayed home …”

BUY IT @ Anthropology: Just Married Ornament

One last getaway vintage wedding car, because we can’t resist all the glitter!

BUY IT @ Etsy: Our first personalized wooden Christmas ornament

Cool boho balls for your Christmas tree.

BUY IT @ Shutterfly: Ceramic ornament photo gallery

Personalize with such ceramic ornament options! Lots of different designs to highlight your beautiful wedding photos.

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