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Partner With An Event Equipment Hire Company

Oct 21

Why You Need To Partner With An Event Equipment Hire Company For Your Product Launch

On Tour Events is a London based Event Equipment Hire Company
On Tour Events is a London based Event Equipment Hire Company

Today’s business industry is highly-crowded and cut-throat. According to a study done by Harvard Business Review, entrepreneurs across the globe launch more than 30,000 new consumer products every year. Thus, every company out there strives to compete with each other by focusing on their marketing strategies to position their product effectively. Whether it is introducing a new product, adding a new line to an existing range, or offering a new service for its targeted market, companies go through an immense product launch planning and preparation to be able to leave a lasting impression on their customers.

Event Equipment Hire Across London

It is not enough to just develop a world-changing product but it is also important to make sure you come up with a concrete plan on how you would kick it off in the market. Your product debut can be very crucial in hitting future revenue and profitability goals. The more rigorous your preparation, the higher the chances of achieving the desired outcome once the product is available in the market. Which is why most of these companies tie up with an audio visual hire company or technical production service to assist them in laying the foundations for the launch.

If your business is based in London, Surrey or Manchester and you are planning to launch a product of yours soon, On Tour Events can be your technical AV partner in making your event stand out amongst your other competitors. With 25 years of experience in the events industry, you can be rest assured that they are a team of professionals that knows exactly what equipment to use for your product launch. We will take the pressure off you and free up your time for enjoying the show alone.

On Tour Events provides knowledge and expertise to help our clients evaluate and provide solutions to their events. In this blog post, we will introduce some of the lighting event equipment you might need and are readily available and hopefully give you a better insight as you plan your next product launch.

Lighting and Audio Visual Equipment

Lighting and audio visual equipment are two of the basic elements in creating an unforgettable show. It brings your product launching alive so that your target market is able to connect with your brand and the message. It also goes without saying, both can make or break your entire production.

Having the proper lighting equipment set up is the best way to make sure your product is the main focal point of the event. On Tour Events can help you with both the creative and technical aspects of lighting. Whether you prefer an indoor or an outdoor product launch, we have the proper equipment for both and don’t forget On Tour Events can supply you with full 3D technical renders of the production beforehand.

One of the most popular lights used during live shows is the moving lights or most commonly known as “moving head” lights that can project colourful beams of lights and are also capable of many effects such as strobing, fading, spinning and fanning. These features will definitely add a “wow” factor. Other basic and functional type of lighting appropriate for occasions such as product launches would have to be the spotlight as it serves to direct the focus on the product the moment you introduce it to your audience.

On Tour Events also provides a more cutting-edge, futuristic lighting setup that may suit your desired theme. We have the Kinetic Lighting System that features some stunning and mind-bending visual effects. LEDs can also make a huge impact in the entire production of your event. You may deploy some LED video walls to increase engagement with your audience. It can also be a practical choice as this does not only feature some visual displays that are computer-generated but you can also play any promotional video of your product through the screens. Another top-end technology that you may want to add to your setup is the 3D projection mapping which is visually striking for product unveiling.

Event Production Services

All these and more are offered by On Tour Events. We provide all types of event lighting support and can assist you in determining the appropriate equipment for your event. Planning a conference? Planning a wedding? Or festival & need to hire lighting for the event… On Tour Events is London’s leading AV lighting hire company.

Moreover, a good sound system & great audio equipment can immensely transform the entire event into a more immersive experience. Our engineers are well-experienced and can assist you with your desired set-up and can also advise you with the best quality AV equipment from our inventory of indoor & outdoor LED video walls to our digital mixing consoles. Our trusted brands include D&B Audiotechnik, Bose and Electro-Voice and have been carefully chosen to suit any types of events and venue location.

On the other hand, given the restrictions of the Covid Pandemic and if you are considering taking your product launch online instead, On Tour Events can still be your partner in the production of either a live streaming or a hybrid event. We take pride in our state of the art live streaming studio that is conveniently located in Surrey and can be accessed by clients coming from London or from the wider South East region. We have installed a specialised streaming lighting and have a custom-designed set that can be curated according to your preference.

Sound Equipment, Lighting to Staging Services We Can Help

It is designed with specialised streaming lighting and a custom-designed set according to your needs. On top of that, On Tour Events is an end-to-end events production company that caters to not just full-service hybrid events but all types of indoor and outdoor events with a wide range of event equipment inventory. Keep in mind that On Tour Events is a full-service event equipment hire so you do not have to worry about any possible limitations that may come up along the event preparation as well as the actual product launching.

Again, remember your product launch can make a huge impact in the overall success of your business which is why it is very crucial that you choose to partner with a reputable event production company that can truly provide full technical and creative support on this endeavour. Given the 25 years experience in the industry, our team is hands-on from start to finish and can troubleshoot any production issue that may arise. We can also assist you with your set and stage design so if your looking for a trusted & professional stage hire company in or near London, again On Tour Events is the choice for many event planners.

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