Pink Child’s Breath + A churro wall for that Kashmiri engagement get together at house

We have heard of many weddings that have been forced to rotate or postpone due to Covid-19. But we don’t always think about the other pre-wedding celebrations that were also sacrificed or heavily customized. Originally, Zahra + Ali were supposed to host a modern soiree in downtown Milwaukee, but switched to an engagement party at home.

Words like “Pivot” and “Switch” could mean that Zahra + Ali have come to terms with an engagement party at home, but on the contrary! A large arch of more than 80 bundles of sprayed baby breaths and a cinnamon-sweet churro wall is just the beginning of that magic at home.

The bride-to-be shares her inspiration for the day: Much of the inspiration for the engagement party comes from my Kashmiri-American identity. Like my identity, I knew that the design concepts should be diverse and unique. In Srinagar, Kashmir, our “pink drink” comes in the form of Nuun Chai, a salty pink tea that is rich in flavor. Knowing that we would serve it to guests traditionally, I opted for a coordinating, soft pink palette, accompanied by a whimsical fusion of textures. After all, I’ve always loved the cloud-like look of the hand-dyed baby breath and thought it would provide a suitable landscape for the occasion.

The collaboration of culture, color and churros makes this revolving celebration a win-win-win situation! Bonphotage caught all of the enchanting moments of that engagement; with rosewood weddings on the planning and design helmet.

pink floral invitation
Pink wedding flowers and the delicate integration of sprayed baby breath are featured here with this wedding invitation suite by Emily Rose Ink. From the envelope to the wax seal stamps, every detail is cute + stylish. We especially love the quirky addition of Z + A in pop art form!

Garden rose engagement ring

Intimate pink engagement party
She is a bright bride-to-be, and her sparkling pink energy is contagious! Additional beauty light from Arch Apothecary Milwaukee.

South Asian wedding culture emphasizes that engagements and weddings unite not just two people, but two families. Receiving a family heirloom from Ali’s mother during our engagement ceremony best illustrated this. Before his maternal grandmother passed away in November 2018, Alis Naani left his mother a gold bracelet to give to Ali’s future wife on his mangni (engagement). During an emotional moment for our two families – one I will cherish forever – Ali’s mother pinned her late mother’s bracelet on my wrist.

Sweet engagement party at home

Intimate pink engagement party
“Make it work” could be the theme of your home engagement party. And did this team make sure that it works with a feminine and modern table landscape for lunch?

Acrylic menu
The pink baby’s breath perfectly complements the event plan made of velvet napkins and acrylic. What an elegant setting for a micro celebration! The acrylic signage is also from Emily Rose Ink, and the napkins are Nüage Designs.

Baby's breathing arch
Looking at Zahra’s vision of modern pink elegance, this ceremonial altar was inherently magnificent. The arch consists of more than 80 bundles of sprayed baby breaths. Erika from Flowers For Dreams hand-sprayed each bundle with different shades of pink. The elegant seating is rented from Chance Productions.

Pink baby’s breath everywhere!

Intimate pink engagement party
Even though this dessert display is at home, it feels far from average!

Intimate pink engagement party
The breath-adorned staircase of a pink baby defiantly makes a grand entrance! The bride-to-be works through these steps to start the engagement party at home.

Churro favor wall
If only these photos were scratch ‘n sniff! Custom hollow churros from Movida will get all the attention – especially when you rest on this custom pink wall from Cedar & Spice. Too cute (literally and figuratively)!

personalized stickers
Our parents said yes! Martha’s Pakistani FavorsLove quirky pop art.

pink flower cake
If every engagement party at home had a cake like this, maybe they would happen more often! It’s a stunning hand-piped pink design from Bon Vivant Cakes. If it’s between this one or the churros, how do you choose ?!

For those currently planning an engagement or wedding, my main advice would be to be patient with yourself and know that customizing your event doesn’t mean sacrificing details. At first it was difficult for me to take this advice as I never envisioned hosting my event at home. In fact, in the past few years I have always said that I would never hold an engagement in my house because it can get so unmanageable. Although initially disappointed with the change in plans, a smaller event at home gave me the opportunity to indulge in the fine details. On the order of magnitude, my engagement was “micro,” but the overwhelming joy I felt that day was anything but micro, which I focus on – and what I would advise others to focus on – to focus on.

personalized candy bars

Intimate pink engagement party
To illustrate her multifaceted identity, Zahra Kashmiri has chai for guests to sip. Sweet, salty and of course pink!

Intimate pink engagement party
Cheers Z + A! We toast churros in honor of this pink celebration and wish you all the best with your wedding planning!

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Photography: Bonphotage // Name of the venue: Private Residence, Racine, Wisconsin, USA // Event design: Rosewood weddings // Planning: Rosewood weddings // Flowers: Flowers for dreams // Bridal shoes: Jimmy Choo // Hairdresser: Arch Apothecary Milwaukee // Make-up artist : Arch Apothecary Milwaukee // Paper goods: Emily Rose Ink // Catering: Saz’s Catering // Cake: Bon Vivant Cakes // Table rental: Table landscapes // Furniture rental: Chance Productions // Linen rental: Nüage Designs // Special rental: A La Crate // Churro wall: Cedar & Spice // Chocolate bars: Martha’s Pakistani Favors

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