Pop-up wedding for 12 guests and a cheerful pastel color palette

Have you heard of a pop-up wedding? Similar to intimate weddings and micro-weddings, the pop-up wedding goes a small step further and offers a ready-to-use provider package. Essentially, all you have to do is show up! Emily from Heartthrob Weddings and Events started the “Heartthrob Hotel” in October 2020 as a luxurious and simple all-inclusive solution from a single source for those who want weddings with 12 or fewer guests. And the first couple to grab a seat was Alexandra + Ty!

Re-engaged and frustrated with a lack of options for a small but well-designed Los Angeles wedding, a pop-up wedding was exactly what Alexandra + Ty were looking for. They were thrilled to see all of their dream sellers in one place and immediately opted for a cheerful pastel color palette to lead the way:

We bonded with our love of Wes Anderson films, especially Life Aquatic, which played a huge role in our inspiration and color choices. It was really easy to agree on the muted pastels; The larger selection read: “Does Ty wear a pastel pink tie with a pastel blue shirt or vice versa ?!”

With Emily in charge of design and Mary Costa Photography behind the camera, the day took shape as the couple and their 12 guests gathered on Ruby Street:

pink bridesmaid dresses

Bride meets dress

Bright pastel pop up weddingSometimes you just know in your heart that it is. With hair from Alli Elizabeth and make-up from Emily Lynn and Co, Alexandra’s bridal look should be just like that.

I saw a dress made by Pronovias online and there is a flagship store about 10 minutes from where we live. I pulled names of dresses I liked from their website and took advice over the phone first. When I got to the store I immediately connected with my bridal advisor Marie and found out that I was her very first customer! She had already pulled the dress I fell in love with in the locker room and hung it up. It was the first of nine dresses I tried on – and it was one! The dress was from a brand new collection and the pattern matched me so well that they sold it to me that day.

pink peonies bouquetThe heart-shaped neckline was one of Alexandra’s wedding dresses, so how much fun is the heart-shaped bouquet from Whit Hazen just that ?!

Bright pastel pop up wedding

Pastels for the groom

gray groom suit
Ty went with the pink tie!

blue groom suit
We love a fun sock moment.

first sight

Bright pastel pop up wedding
Isn’t that just the cutest photo?

Pop-up wedding for 12

Bright pastel pop up wedding
Such a cute setup!

Bright pastel pop up wedding
The breath of the painted baby in a pastel color palette with flowers frames the altar.

Wedding dogs
The guests of honor!

The intimate ceremony

Bright pastel pop up wedding

Bright pastel pop up wedding

Bright pastel pop up wedding

Bright pastel pop up wedding
Summarize your wedding day in one picture … that’s a winner !!

Bright pastel pop up weddingHappy family with Penny, Piper and Poppy in tow!

Surprise serenade for the bride

Bright pastel pop up wedding

Alexandra: The most memorable moment for me was when Ty surprised me with a serenade of a song from the concert we went to on our first date – “Hot Dreams” by Timber Timbre.

Ty: For me, seeing Alex in her beautiful dress for the first time and seeing our best friends walking our tiny adorable pups down the aisle was double the amount. A dream come true in both respects.

Bright pastel pop up wedding
Dyinggg that’s so cute!

Bright pastel pop up wedding

Advice for a pop-up wedding

Bright pastel pop up wedding
Even if a pop-up wedding is not available in your area, chances are an amazing team of vendors are in attendance. And for a small but meaningful celebration, having a team you can trust is crucial.

Bright pastel pop up wedding

It is difficult to give much advice as we owe so much of our wedding success to timing and luck. But what we can definitely say is that if you are planning a wedding in such circumstances, your priority should be safety. Don’t be afraid to get VERY small. Understand that there is only so much that you can control, and remember that the event is about your love and loved ones, not spectacle or size.

Choosing not to wait and take matters into our own hands meant sacrificing what we had envisioned beforehand, but the result was so sweet, so powerful, and so extreme for us.

Also: Do ​​the job of finding local professionals in your area who know what they’re doing. (All credit to Alexandra here!) We owe it all to our amazing, collaborative team of vendors.

Bright pastel pop up wedding

Cut the cake

painted cakeThe happy one – purple! – Cake from Flouring cemented the day.

Bright pastel pop up wedding

Congratulations to the happy duo !!

Photography: Mary Costa Photography // Location Name: The Ruby Street, Los Angeles, California, USA // Event Design: Weddings and Events with Heartbreakers // Planning: Weddings and Events with Heartbreakers // Flowers: Whit Hazen // Wedding Dress: Pronovias // Hairdresser: Alli Elizabeth // Makeup Artist: Emily Lynn and Co // Cake: Flour

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