Spring wellness products for April: wellness tips for mind, body and soul from our editors

The last Saturday was the first day of spring. what does that mean to you? Apart from the fact that the weather is warming up, we see green sprouts in the dirt and robins nest. The main theme of spring is rejuvenation! When it comes to wellness, we take a page from the budding plants’ books and think about supplies. These spring wellness products are rooted in renewal!

As our monthly wellness series continues, we keep an eye on mental health and physical wellbeing. I didn’t try to blame 2020 but yeah that was a tough one! Last year, self-care and wellness were more important than ever. So let’s jump into the wholeness that are our favorite wellness tips right now:

Beauty care: Spring wellness begins with hydration + peeling

saje happy home oils

Who still loves a good diffuser!?! Having good smells at home is so important! I loved this Happy Home Inspiring Diffuser Blend from Saje. It comes with 4 different amazing smells – perfect for daytime and evening. Every scent is so good !! – Jen

The winter ravaged my hair and my lips. Everything is SO dried out and my spring wellness program had to start. I turned to my trusted hair moisturizer and favorite lip balm to get myself back on track. – Jessi

Kate Somerville peeling

I have been using this Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intense Pore Exfoliating Treatment Mask 2-3 times a week for the past 3 months and I just LOVE it! The morning after, my skin is radiant and super smooth! – Jen

Personal Care: Our favorite workout videos from home (WOFH) and motivational clothing

WFH also means training from home! Melissa Wood Health has short Pilates videos that really turn things upside down with the short exercise time I have. Get the Free Trial. and at some point you will want these weighted bangles + resistance bands. The only workout I’ve ever found addicting. -Danielle

I had to upgrade my sports bra and this one from Amazon is a winner! It’s under $ 25 and fits similarly to my favorite lululemon bra! Win win! Lots of color options too. – Jen

Sometimes I need a little training motivation, so I treat myself to a new set. I’m totally obsessed with my new Girlfriend Collective Leggings! – Jessi

Favorite food finds: yerba mate drinks + colorful spring soups

I love these melatonin sleeping pods to help prepare my body for a good night’s sleep. The recommended dose is two, but I only take one about 30 minutes before bed. When I wake up restless, I have the other. Mental health starts with sleep health! – Britt

clean because yerba matt

Does anyone else have enough coffee in the afternoons? I enjoyed these clean cause yerba mate drinks for a healthy boost of energy in the afternoon. Each can contains 160 mg of natural caffeine. Yerba Mate is said to provide longer lasting, lasting energy without the unwanted side effects of coffee or energy drinks. The drink is also low in calories, low in sugar and made from USDA certified organic ingredients. I’ve tried all 4 flavors and love them all! Watermelon mint is my current favorite. And not only do they taste good and are good for you – 50% of their profits go towards recovery from addiction. – Jen

Anyone else ready for colorful, fresh spring dinners? I’ve been overly concerned with winter comfort foods so we made lots of colorful / green soups from this list of spring soup recipes from Food & Wine! All of my soups look perfect in these organic bowls. – Danielle


I’ve been enjoying drinking tea for the past few months thanks to this lovely kettle that actually inspires me to slow down. These wellness teas were a favorite. Right now, I really love the immunity support turmeric spice and I want to try the mood tonic! – Britt

Algae vitamins

After watching the documentary Seaspiracy on Netflix, I went looking for a good omega-3 made from algae. I just ordered this from Amazon and I’m really excited to try it! – Jessi

Mental health: reading with green tea eye masks

Nightingale book

Honestly, one of the best things I’ve done for my sanity this month (and this year) is re-prioritizing reading. Sometimes it just takes the right book to get there. This one did it for me – and like 62,000 others. – Britt

Part of my WFH routine is lighting my favorite candle to be productive, and it’s my favorite morning ritual! – Katie

Green tea eye mask

Even if it’s been a restless night of to-do list fear, these green tea hydra-gel eye masks bring me back to life (at least my face) in an instant. They are vegan and reduce puffiness … the easiest spring wellness product ever! Journaling at night keeps my sanity from spiraling – especially in a book like this, which is very much me. – Danielle

See you next month for another edition of our most popular wellness products and finds! xoxo

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